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First Details on Found Footage Slasher Paranormal Demons; New Teaser Poster and Concept Art

Another found footage movie about a film crew encountering supernatural shenanigans is in production, but this one has a twist: Not only is it coming all the way from Germany, but it's also a slasher! Here's the first word on Paranormal Demons.

When an Outbreak of Madness Comes, All You Can Do Is Watch the C.A.M.

More found footage zombie lunacy is on its way with a new film called C.A.M., and we have your first look at the artwork, trailer, and more! Make sure you wear your respirator! Can't be too careful.

Paramount's Adam Goodman Reveres the Found Footage Medium

There are many out there who feel that the whole found footage film style may have run its cycle, but there are certainly others who would say that it's still got a lot of mileage in it, including Paramount head honcho Adam Goodman.

Tribeca 2013: Everybody Loves this First Clip from Mr. Jones

Hot on the heels of the news that Anchor Bay picked up its distribution and in advance of its world premiere tonight, April 19th, at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, we have the first clip from Karl Mueller's Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones Sets Sail with Anchor Bay

A bit of distribution news has come our way from the Tribeca Film Festival... Anchor Bay has acquired all North American rights for the film Mr. Jones, one of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival's Midnight selections.

Tribeca 2013: Poster Debut for Karl Mueller's Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones and me, we're gonna be big stars... Okay, maybe not me, but Mr. Jones sure is thanks to the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival's Midnight section, where the film will make its premiere on April 19th. Check out the poster art!

Found Footage Feature Do Not Watch Goes Viral

Producer J.P. Ouellette tipped us off to the first viral clip from and the official synopsis for the upcoming found footage feature Do Not Watch. Have a look!

Exclusive: Found Footage Flick Do Not Watch to Commence Filming in February

“All I can say is Do Not Watch will live up to its title,” producer J.P. Ouellette states of the project. “You’ll wish you heeded the warning. This is evil personified. No doubt the most terrifying script I’ve ever read.”

AFM 2012: New Stills from Steve Stone's Entity

We originally brought the Steve Stone spooker Entity to your attention way back in July, and now, just in time for AFM 2012, we have several new stills for you to dig on along with the trailer and sales art.

Exclusive: Jamie Bernadette Talks Full Moon's Reel Evil; Trailer and Photos Released

With the teaser trailer for the Full Moon feature Reel Evil having hit the web today, we caught up with one of the flick’s actresses, Jamie Bernadette, to discuss the Danny Draven-directed, Charles Band-produced found-footage film.

New Trailer, Stills, and Website for Steve Stone's Entity

Upon watching the first five seconds of the trailer for Steve Stone's Entity, you'll probably think, "Please, not another cookie-cutter found-footage horror film." However, by the time it finishes, you may find yourself writing your local film festival and demanding they schedule this little nightmare.

Patrick Bergin and Yancy Butler Chumming the Waters for The Asylum's Shark Week

You really have got to hand it to The Asylum. Not content to just do mockbusters of big screen movies, now they’re mockbustering an entire week of programming on a cable television network with Shark Week.

Tape 407 (UK DVD)

Starring Abigail Schrader, Samantha Lester, James Lyon Directed by Dale Fabrigar & Everette Wallin Distributed by G2 Pictures

Confirmed: Julianne Moore to Play the Mother of Carrie

More great news coming in for the upcoming remake of Carrie! Everyone's favorite revenge-driven teenager finally has someone to look up to. And then nail to the nearest doorway via sharp implements! Read on!

Tim Burke's The Lucifer Effect to Debut at Cannes; First Details, Trailer, and More!

With filmmaker Tim Burke's found footage documentary The Lucifer Effect set to debut at Cannes, we’ve procured a trailer for the flick, word on the allegedly "cursed" feature, and its unique viral marketing campaign.