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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 4:31 pm  Reply with quote

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I have yet to see ISHII Teruo's first film in this series (I have the VHS somewhere...) but needed to wax poetically about SUZUKI Norifumi's entry called ONSEN SUPPON GEISHA aka HOT SPRINGS KISS GEISHA.

As a matter of exposition I should explain that all the ONSEN GEISHA are basically whore comedies in which some young girls (usually played by Miki Sugimoto and/or Reiko Ike) sell their bodies to make cash and wackiness ensues. The films always end with some kind of sex contest in which girls compete to fuck a sex guru into a coma. As if that premise weren't weird enough, Suzuki also throws in a Hippie chemist who is working to find a formula that can turn mousy Japanese women into BLACK POWER sluts. For this formula he obviously needs pussy juice. Soon he succeeds in his mission and out of the ruins of his exploded shack steps a scary ganguro chick with an afro. Yeah. We are about 10 minutes into this film and they all go an hour and a half. The main character in this is actually Miki Sugimoto's character and her special talent is that she has a super strong vagina. I didn't keep count but she fucks a whole bunch of guys to happy death in this, including one dude whom she cured of impotence and who happily mumbled about "tengoku" while he died. Of course in the end comes the showdown between Miki and the sex guru's penis. Super cunt or super cock ... whoever wins ... we win. We definitely do. And so does this film.

Kind of a bummer that the entry I watched after this, ONSEN MIMIZU GEISHA, centered around a chubby chick. What the crap? I did not need to see this...
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