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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 2:25 pm  Reply with quote

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That guy was an awesome director! There's a couple of his films coming to the US now. BLIND BEAST VS. KILLER DWARF (great title, really cheap and terrible DV film he made at the end of his career) and SCREWED are coming out in about two weeks. A Dutch label called Japan Shock have released his SHOGUN'S JOY OF TORTURE (Tokugawa onna keibatsushi), INFERNO OF TORTURE (Tokugawa irezumishi: Seme jigoku) and YAKUZA'S LAW (Yakuza keibatsushi: Rinchi shikei!) with English subtitles. Then Panik House has MALFORMED and Diskotek Media have BLIND WOMAN'S CURSE starring Meiko Kaji for release in November, though it'll probably get delayed. I never saw HORROR OF MALFORMED MEN because I've decided to avoid the really unwatchable bootleg and wait for the official US release from Panic House sometime in 2007. Some of his best works are not available to the general Western fans, though, including my two favorites of his films. There's PORNO PERIOD DRAMA, a film I own the Japanese DVD of but which remains one of the few Japanese only films among the 200+ I have watched without subtitles in the past year that I can't really follow. Something about a nihilistic ronin's brutal fight against the so-called "Forgotten Eight", who got their name because they have abandoned the eight key virtues like mercy, gratitude, conscience, honor etc. But that's pretty much all I understood of the story. That it still didn't get boring for me is testament to the filmmakers skill. Don't let the lurid title fool you into expecting anything overtly pornographic either. What PORNO PERIOD DRAMA really is, is a big budget jidai geki film spiced up with a healthy dose of pinky violence exploitation. My other favorite is TOKUGAWA III (Zankoku ijou gyakutai monogatari: Genroku onna keizu), which is similar to SHOGUN'S JOY OF TORTURE but obviously had a bigger budget and ups the ante in terms of ero-guro outrageousness. It features molestation of a girl by one hell of an ugly burn victim motherfucker and what's supposed to be the first cesarean incision in Japanese history. There's a German dubbed DVD available (a bootleg AFAIK) but it's missing a few snippets of violence here and there so the old Japanese VHS is the way to go for the time being.

The main reason these films (and similar masterpieces by Norifumi Suzuki) don't get released in the US pronto is that Toei (and Nikkatsu too) are constantly asking for ridiculous amounts of money for the licenses, which leads not only me but the people running the labels as well to think that they actually don't want to see these films released outside Japan, profits be damned. Toei has taken a similar stance with the much more recent production BATTLE ROYALE after all ...
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 5:45 pm  Reply with quote

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the only ones of thoose i own and have seen are SHOGUN'S JOY OF TORTURE INFERNO OF TORTURE and YAKUZA'S LAW. i like all of them quite a bit. thanks for the info on the other ones, i'll avoid BLIND BEAST vs KILLER DWARF, but will check out SCREWED and TOKUGAWA 3.
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