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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 12:39 pm  Reply with quote

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First of all.. Hello everyone, thanks for looking. I could have sworn I had an account here already but none the less I am here now. I look forward to contributing to the boards and getting to know all the wonderfully twisted members here. Meanwhile in sort of an effort to "get to know ya" I have a question. Any and all input is very much appreciated.

My day job is as a director and editor in music videos, commercials and feature films. Since I do this for a living often the downside is I am working for clients and forced to work within their ideas and sensibilities limiting my creativity. So myself and several other filmmaking colleuges are always wanting to explore our own stories, but even a short film with a 10 or 15 minute run time can take weeks of pre production, several days of shooting and even more post. Getting all the stars to align can take a considerable amount of time when everyone needed is so busy. So I recently came up with a solution. We are launching a short Horror series where each film can be no longer then three minutes in length. The point is to strip away all the excess and fat, telling strong, lean, creepy tales that can be created and produced with an emphasis on story telling, cinematography, acting and editing. These can be shot in a single day and posted rather quickly. We already have several stories written and it is amazing how the limitations can inspire creativity but the bottom line is we are making these because we are horror fans at heart.

As such, we are making these for Horror fans, so I wanted to ask, what do you guys and gals want to see? Of course keep the limitations in mind but what is it you want to see more of? Supernatural ghost stories? Demons? Monsters? Witches? Are vampires and zombies pretty much played out? So if you have a moment place your vote so to speak. I look forward to your input.

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