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PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:45 am  Reply with quote

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If you haven't seen the season, then stop reading.

I've loved Dexter since season 1, but I've got to say, season 5 has been one gigantic mess. Extremely underwhelming. Nothing sums this up better than the "big one" aka the season finale.

It's quickly sliding into the utterly ridiculous category. Miami Metro has got to be the dumbest group of people outside of Mahoney and the Police Academy gang. Dexter once again makes a mockery of everything by stealing, using, borrowing, and destroying whatever evidence he wants with the greatest of ease and no cameras or detectives pick up on this in the least. Amazing.

Season 5 ended every single interesting built-up storyline with a complete whimper. Nothing great came out of Rita's death. We didn't learn anything new about the circumstances of it and how Trinity pulled it off. Dexter continues to escape any situation faster than Houdini to the point of making it all extremely anti-climatic. A huge build up with Stan Liddy ends with a quick stab to the chest. A ginormous showdown with Jordan Chase ends with Dexter mysteriously having a knife down his pants from his kill kit? Huh? He just got into a car accident and thrown down the flight of stairs, why didn't he stab himself with the knife? And is he psychic to prepare for this? Jordan Chase was obsessive complusive for details, he didn't check him for a weapon? And speaking of the car accident. Dexter stole that from the crime scene. Isn't it suspicious when the cops show up to find a wrecked car stolen from Liddy's crime scene at the camp?

And let's talk about Quinn for a second. They find Liddy dead, in a van with Quinn's fingerprints, records that he talked with Liddy on the phone several times, surveliance equipment in the van signed out under Quinn's name, blood on his boot, he requests a lawyer and refuses to talk......AND ALL THIS GOES AWAY because Dexter fixes the blood result to show it wasn't Liddy's blood on his boot. What? Why did Laguerta even make Dexter do the blood test? The other asian guy could have run the test.

Now Debra. Here's where I thought the season would end with another cliffhanger for season 6. I thought for sure Deb was going to hint to Dexter that she knew it was him and Lumen behind the sheet when they were sitting in the office at the end. But...NOPE. Nothing. And while I'm thinking about, when Deb walked in and caught them both, she said something to Lumen along the lines of "I saw your video #13, I know what you went through" but that is not true. Dexter stole that video before it was seen. If she did see it, she would have known it was Lumen because she met her at the house in an earlier episode.

And now Lumen leaves, which you knew was going to happen because Julia Styles only signed on for one season, and we're left right back where the season started. Dexter has the kids again and nothing new or exciting leading into season 6. Nothing at all to keep our collective tongues wagging waiting until new episodes begin.

The best way to sum up season 5 is: A big letdown. Such wasted potential.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:12 pm  Reply with quote

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I watched this entire season wondering why everyone hated it so much, and then I got to the last two episodes. Yeah, everything fizzled out with a whimper, and the whole thing with Quinn and the van is BS. I still liked it more than Season 3, because I just really didn't like Miquel AT ALL, and I found Lumen to be a bit more interesting.

All in all, it's one of the weaker seasons, and has the worst finale. Still, can't say I hated it.
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