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Count Zartro
PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:07 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 11 Feb 2009
Posts: 170

I caught this movie this weekend.

There will be spoilers to follow:

I wasn't the biggest fan of the first movie, there was something about the plot, when it's revealed that katie is aware of a demon that has been haunting her for her whole life, that killed some of the scary for me. I understand from a haunted house perspective why you would want to tie the entity into a person, to take away the "just leave the house" solution, but it also wasn't very scary to me since it was so specific to her.

That being said I wanted to give PA2 a shot because I'm a horror fan and I thought I may like this one.

Also, had PA2 been the first movie and this was all new, I may have really been into it and enjoyed it if I wasn't turned off by 80 of the 90 minutes having nothing happen. (and I don't mean the first 80 mins of the film, I mean if you add together anything of relevance)

Paranormal Activity 2 was surprisingly a prequel, and I felt that it ret-conned too much of what was already there thus creating plot holes that hurt both movies.

In PA1 Kaite is talking about a Demon that has haunted her through out her life. She mentions her sister and herself as kids feeling a presence, but she implies that it's mostly been her since. Now in PA2 we learn that the demon resurfaced when Katies sister had a baby boy, and the demon starts to posses Katies sister, and to rid themsleves of the demon the husband transfers the demon to a blood relative, the sister Katie.

Now, the issue with this is that we see Katie interacting with the sister and her family on several occasions with some light discussion of the haunting issues(like in the pool, where Micah was present), and Katies sister telling her odd things are happening around the house. The issue here is in PA1 when Katie is telling Micha about it, she references her childhood but not the events from the past 2 weeks her sister went through that were described to her as the exact same thing??!!

Also, if the demon was after the baby, why even bother possessing a human, just take the baby!

And if they transfered the demon to Katie, where it had already been years before, why would the demon be going after Micah so hard? What was the connection to the possesed girl, Diane was it, what was that about with the exorcism mentioned in the first film?

The first movie has no feel at all that the couple has just been discussing all of this with her sister and Micah seems like he is just hearing about all of it. As things ramped up in PA1 why would she not try to contact her sister given what had been happening to her?

The worst crime PA2 commits is making PA1 worse.

I've listened to Dinner for Fiends where shit like this gets ripped apart and pissed on so I'm surprised that they gave this movie 4 1/2 stars. Seriously? The post sex glow from the first movie hasn't worn off yet? Even 3 stars by the standard of this site I think is pushing it but I would understand, however not only was PA2 not that great, but it made the first movie worse in the context of putting both stories together.

Didn't the staff on this site see the first PA on a bootleg DVD with a different ending, and given that context the movie was most likely better than what I saw in the theatre, but to continue to praise the franchise based on that experience is like saying that Halloween 6 was good because there was a workprint floating around that someone liked.

And with this wall of text typed, I will say again I may have enjoyed PA2 more had it been the first movie, but it's the forced tie in to the first film that sprayed it's stink all over the film. Well that, and everything that happened was a repeat of the first film.

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Count Zartro
PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:39 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 11 Feb 2009
Posts: 170

Paranormal Activity 3 has officially pushed the franchise into George Lucas prequel territory.

Nothing that happens in this film lines up with the other movies.

And the ending made no sense. Plus, *sharkalarm* if the grandmother "brainwashed" the girls in 3 hours and they were all one happy family at the end, why would any of the events in the other movies even take place. If the Demon wanted the sisters kid, why would it be able to be thrown off onto Katie by the Dad in part 2. Nothing in this series of films even add up anymore.

Also, it's nice to have a movie contain none of the scenes from the trailer.

It's amazing this series continues to get the reviews it gets from this site, when you guys shit all over stuff like this all the time.
Outside of being friends with Oren, I don't get it. On Dinner for Fiends, you all agreeing on the same thing unanimously does not happen that often, yet somehow this PA series gets all glowing reviews, except I think Fini hated PA2, and he wasn't even on the podcast when it was discussed to provide a different opinion.

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Count Zartro
PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:43 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 11 Feb 2009
Posts: 170

This is from another site, scenes in the trailer that wasn't in the film:

•The little girls playing "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom, getting scared, walking out and BAM!!!! Whoa, there's totally a figure behind them!!!!!

•The "knocking game" on the mirror closet doors--little girls knock, run away while deeper, intense knocks answer back--little Kristi insisting, "it's not a trick!"

•The Mom watching video of Kristi getting up in the middle of the night, climbing up on the balcony railing only to jump off the second story! (whoa... she's still human, right?!)

•The "he's standing right next to you" scene. Kristi calmly states this, then chucks water into the air. We see the water hit an invisible figure, and the flying of objects ensues.

•Doctor of some kind (a medium, a psychic, maybe?) checking out the house, informing the mom, "this is connected to your side of the family," but is cut off by his head being slammed into the tabled. Wait a sec, is that a start to a whole other plot line...??

•Lights sparking out in the house

•Image of the house from the outside, completely enveloped in flames

•Mom insisting "we're getting out of this house!" followed by a supernatural power whipping her away down the hall.
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