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Distribution rights for Takao Nakano's Hop Step Jump! (Hoppu suteppu janpu!) are now being offered for sale by Geta. Total Media Corporation released the movie theatrically in Japan on November 14th of last year, and on DVD there on January 6th of this year.

The screenplay for Hop Step Jump! (Hoppu suteppu janpu!) was written by Nakano, based on the eponymous manga serial by Kazuto Okada. The movie stars (listed order corresponds to order on official subsite) Chieri Suzuki, Yûko Shimizu, Mari Sakurai, Tomohiro Okada, Jirô Dan, Hana Haruna, Ayano Takai, Yukiko Hachisuka, Luca Senda (Senda Ruka), Saori Andô, Funako Tsubaki, Teru, and Susumu Nihashi.

Here's a synopsis for Hop Step Jump! from Geta: "A dull middle-aged man, Kazuto Tsuruoka, gets a job at St. Michael Girls' High School. But his high-mindedness for the job at the school of his dreams is shattered as he is bullied by Yui Yunohama, a snobby single female teacher, and looked down on by Sakata, a male teacher who's a female-student killer. So Kazuto vents his stress by fantasizing filthy dreams about Yui. What only support him mentally are the innocent smiles of Sayaka Asahimura and Yuna Haguro, two beauties in the student discipline committee. Sayaka is a fetish for Japanese superheroes. One day, Sayaka and Yuna are attacked by a frog, and it bites Kazuto when he tries to save the girls. But it turns out to be the highly toxic, poison dart frog from South America. The poison causes a chemical reaction in Kazuto's body, and he acquires superhuman abilities."

BTW, Sakurai and Andô are also in Nakano's anaglyph 3-D J-sploitation movie The Big Tits Dragon (Kyonyû doragon: onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5). The trailer for that movie had its world première on YouTube on April 13th (see below for link), the movie itself had its world première at the Cinemart Roppongi in Tokyo on May 15th, and now it's scheduled to have its international (i.e., outside-of-Japan) première at the Japanisches Filmfest Hamburg (JFFH) on May 29th (and to subsequently be screened there on May 30th).

YouTube: Hop Step Jump! trailer page

Hop Step Jump! official subsite

Total Media Corporation: Hop Step Jump! (w/ stills)

Geta: Hop Step Jump!

* * *

YouTube: The Big Tits Dragon trailer page

The Big Tits Dragon trailer (Windows Media Video)

The Big Tits Dragon Japanese DVD cover - front (JPEG)

The Big Tits Dragon official website

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