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Styling Shatner
PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:42 am  Reply with quote

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I know I'm late but I figured I should mention it anyhow before the next episode gets posted whenever in the future.

It was great to hear the Foycast finally return and it was interesting hearing the discussion of Jim Wynorski losing his mind then the discussion of Act of Valor, a movie that might as well have been called AMERICA: FUCK YEAH THE MOVIE and yet I am glad I saw it on the big screen as it was wildly entertaining. The rest of the show being about what's slated for 2013 was fun; a lot of crap looks to be coming out (as usual) but at least Pacific Rim *should* be great.

As for the newest DFF, it was nice to hear the talk about how Dread Central was formed after The Horror Channel debacle. Various parts of the story have been told here and elsewhere throughout the years but it was great hearing more about the origin of the site. After that, I enjoyed the recaps of all the movies even if the only one I saw was Prometheus. That's discounting the Godzilla '98 talk, which I saw on the big screen and haven't seen since.

As for Prometheus, there was quite a bit I did enjoy, like the general idea of the film, various setpieces, much of the acting, and how nice most everything looked. That's why I was disappointed by it in the end because of the story and all its plotholes. I am fine with not everything being explained as various great sci-fi have done the same thing. Just look at Blade Runner. I just thought that too much was left unexplained and there was just too much stupid behavior and you'd expect more given the director and the franchise and how so much was done right; with all that, all the negatives really stuck out.

I also laughed at "veritol" being mentioned in the Foycast and Creepy making fun of that in DFF; and, between the two shows I never plan on seeing Battleship as it just sounds like the dirt worst. I mean, far worse than I even thought given the premise and the trailers.
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