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Forums Index -> Drawing Blood -> Graphic artist needed for horror short needed *Credit only*
PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:46 am  Reply with quote

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As the title says, I need a few pieces worked up, but the budget is rather tight so only credit can be given.

The short is about a once was screenwriter, who was on top of his game, but after ten years his abuse of drugs/alcohol catches up with him sending him to rehab. Two years later now living in a boarding house, he tries to keep clean and write that next big script, but then a psycho moves in next door.

A few pieces would be mock-up posters of his past work, and the last piece would be a poster for the short itself. I'm looking for someone who can at least draw up and ink those pieces for credit.

I know it's lot to ask, but I figured I'd ask anyway. Thanks in advance.

Writer/Director: Steven Fletcherson
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:19 am  Reply with quote

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if you're doing this for a show-reel with NO PRIZES (versus high profile contests like Tropfest or other festivals), and you yourself stand nothing to gain other than "credit", then that's fair.

In which case you need to write such into a contract between you and the graphic artist you are asking for and make it AIR-TIGHT.

Otherwise, unless you write into a contract EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE USING THIS ART FOR (and how you are using it), you have the freedom to take the art you are asking for and use it in a festival entry and win some prizes and score some deals and SCREW THE ARTIST. Which IATSE (the Hollywood UNION that covers graphic artists) would not like.

In that case, in the case of you accepting work from an artist without you-yourself giving any guarantees in writing about how you can/cannot legally use that art, and what you owe the artist if you do, and get a Hollywood gig from it or over $6000 from a regional film-festival prize?

IN such a case you become an UBER COOZE and are to be avoided like Black Plague.

Best of luck to you, but...

(To any artist reading this? get a DETAILED contract from Fletch, here).
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