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The Gomorrahizer
PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:32 pm  Reply with quote

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Tetsuichirô Tsuta's Island of Dreams (Yume no Shima) is scheduled to have its international (i.e., outside-of- Japan) première at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) on October 4th, and to subsequently be screened there on October 5th.

Island of Dreams stars (listed order corresponds to order on cast page of official website) Ren Kido, Ikurô Kuraoka, Tatsurô Nakamura, Ako Wakamatsu, Kakeru Hirasawa, Shigetaki Katayama, Toshio Andô, Makoto Adachi, Shigeru Morita, Atsushi Okuda, Hiroko Uchida, and guitarist/vocalist Hisae Tanakadate.

Here's a description of Island of Dreams from the VIFF website: "Shot on film (it opens with a caption modestly apologizing for visual flaws because the filmmakers developed and processed the filmstock themselves), Island of Dreams is a thriller in which a case-hardened cop is pitted against a young eco-terrorist. The title 'island' is an artificial construct in Tokyo Bay, a mountain of garbage, a by-product of Japan's economic boom years. The film's protagonist Alan works there, almost buried under society's detritus; his growing obsession with the search for 'what has been lost' turns him into a 'dangerous' activist. He targets the industrialist Wada, whose chemical factory secretly discharges toxic waste into the environment. But the cop Terayama, who thought he'd seen it all, starts researching eco-activism and soon suspects the haunted, taciturn young man he's encountered in the neighbourhood. ¶ Tsuta Tetsuichiro's theme is obviously topical and urgently relevant, but he has had the brilliant idea of framing the entire film as a pastiche of thrillers from an earlier age - specifically, the kind of monochrome, 'Scope thrillers that Nikkatsu produced as Japan's economic miracle dawned in the early 1960s. Since most young filmmakers seem to think that cinema began with Taxi Driver or Star Wars, the fact that Tsuta conceived his film in these terms makes him one of the most cine-literate directors of his generation. His 'home-made' film is a delight - and a phenomenal achievement. ¶ Winner, Audience Award, Pia 2009."

YouTube: Island of Dreams trailer page

Island of Dreams official website

PFF: Island of Dreams

VIFF: Island of Dreams

News source: GOMORRAHY.com: Trailer Park subsite (an "NSFW ghetto", and unabashedly so!)

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