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The Butcher
PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:35 pm  Reply with quote
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Here you go those of you into old school thrash. The re-issue of our debut "Party With God" is now in release. We had the pleasure of being in on the ground floor of the thrash movement and it's nice to see this thing out again for the new generation of thrashers.

Here's what legendary artist Pushead had to say, I'll let him sell it -

O.K., kiddies, take off yer Slayer shirts, for soon they will be replaced by the Bay Area's speedcore thrash metal demolition team of Sacrilege B.C. These guys wail it up, raging warfare and pounding on your brain as the humming, speedy guitar notes echo in your mind. Fast, quick, annihilating, frantic, bombastic, non-hesitating-whichever way you want to put it, Sacrilege B.C.'s weapon is loaded and firing mayhemic ammunition everywhere. It's a clamorous treat for you bangmongers. A thunderous storm of heavy bellicose power, that is pumped up and richly textured by a deep howling vocalist whose words soar outward with tongue-lashing intent. Barbaric guitar rawness bulldozes with strong jolts and devastating blows, glistening with forceful, metallic chills and continuous hardcore speed drills. The licks here are tight and electric with a flair for laughing mayhem. Chord after chord, the kerranging never stops. Sacrilege B.C.'s debut LP Party With God will thrust the thrash hammer down upon the brutal speed metal nail. - July 1987 installment of Puszone

And a very nice review from classicthrash.com
Every now and then you may encounter an album where already the first couple of minutes is enough to blow the cobwebs off your head for good. This is truly the case with Sacrilege B.C. and Party With God, one of the genuine examples of ultra-fast thrash metal with no holds barred. Quite honestly, this is some of the fastest stuff you can hope to find without crossing over to blatant hardcore, even comparable to Slayer's Reign In Blood or Dark Angel's Darkness Descends although not quite as deadly accurate. Sacrilege B.C. took their frantic approach to such absolute extreme that it's almost surprising the result doesn't just fall apart due to the sheer speed going over all limits. Miraculously, everything from rapid-fire drumming to lightning fast guitar solos sticks together. There's some special appeal in Party With God that you can rarely find elsewhere. - www.classicthrash.com

Also, for any fans of Neurosis you may want to pick up the split 7" with Sacrilege BC/Violent Coercion "Thrash Revenge On Skull Island". Violent Coercion was what they were called before changing their name. It's verrrrry metal and nothing like what they sound like nowadays.


While you're there poke around and take a look at some of the amazing shirts in stock too.

Here's one of my favorites (I gots three of 'em!)

Thanks guys!
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