Tom Arnold and Sean Astin Topline Horror-Comedy Dead Ant
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Tom Arnold and Sean Astin Topline Horror-Comedy Dead Ant

A wise man once said that there aren’t nearly enough movies about giant killer ants, and I tend to agree with him. Okay, so that wise man is me, but apparently filmmaker Ron Carlson agrees. He’s working on a horror movie called Dead Ant, and in it a rock band battles mutant insects. Read on! Per THR, Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, and Jake Busey will lead the cast of the horror-comedy creature feature, which also stars Rhys Coiro, Danny Woodburn (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Michael Horse, Leisha Hailey (“The L Word”), and Cameron Richardson (“Murder in the First”). Written by Carlson, Dead Ant tells of a down on their luck hair metal band that gets a chance for a comeback with an appearance at Coachella. However, the group gets sidelined in the desert and must fight for their lives against giant ants. Astin is the band’s roadie while Arnold is their manager. Busey and Coiro are part of the band. The film is currently shooting in Santa Clarita, California. Carlson, Stephanie Hodos, and Mark Hodos are producing while Matt Luber, Fleur Roberts, and Ron Martino executive produce. dead ant



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