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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:41 am  Reply with quote

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So because the other movies didn't devolve into JUST Mutants fighting you'd rather watch a dumb fun flick?

But they DO devolve into JUST mutants fighting. That's why I want to watch an X-Men movie...character development is fine...but sooner or later, you have to deliver on mutant action and the other two didn't deliver for me.
Those first two movies SERIOUSLY lacked mutants fighting, as in, it hardly had any mutants fighting AT ALL and after two movies with mutants with cool powers sitting around talking, it was nice to get a movie where everyone shut the hell up and just went at it.

I wish one of these movies couldn've found a balance between action and character that I liked, but none of them did. The third one came closer to capturing the comic book for me than any of the others.

So yeah, I'd rather watch mindless fighting than Nightcrawler sitting around talking about his feelings and how much it sucks to be a mutant.

For me these first 3 movies felt like one bigass prequel to a TRUE X-Men movie...it seemed like just as it was ending, everyone was finally coming into their own.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 4:58 pm  Reply with quote

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I finally saw this on the plane back to Canada........

I already knew about Cyclops being wasted....but Prof X?

Poor Patrick Stewart has been given fuck all to do in all 3 movies.

There were tons of characters in this movie, yet it felt like the Wolverine and Storm show.

Some interesting scenes featuring mutant power use (the bridge scene *was* pretty neat*) but alot of times it just felt like the characters were there to please fans (Angel and Juggernaut)

It had its moments but disappointing overall
It shouldn't have to be like this - Pitchshifter
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