Gonna Need A Bigger Host

Gonna Need A Bigger Host

The Host (click for a larger view) I was totally unaware that South Korea made horror films. Who knew? At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but when it was revealed that Weta was going to be involved with some of the effects, I heard a thump under my desk and was afraid to stand up. I am not sure what the policy is for erections at work, but I am assuming it isn’t good.

Harry from Ain’t It Cool News has hung up the UK’s new quad poster for The Host, a creature film out of South Korea. Though it may be pulling a few familiar strings from Jaws, will it have the same impact? You can get a taste of it in the trailer that is located on the same page.

The Host is about a mutant beast that loves the taste of meat … human meat. It has taken up residence in Seoul’s Han River. The nasty critter not only eats people but also nabs a small girl. Will Quint rise from the grave to fight another water-dwelling enemy? Probably not, but the movie looks interesting enough sans Zombie Quint.

Kryten Syxx

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