Dinner for Fiends: 2nd Helpings!

Dinner for Fiends: 2nd Helpings!

The latest Dinner for Fiends is here!Did you miss us? We have returned after a lengthy hiatus brought on by scheduling conflicts and a technical meltdown that erased the last Dinner For Fiends, and what a loaded program we have for you! Finally, the first DFF of 2010, and being that we’re nearly three months into the new year, that means there is a lot of ground to cover and still find time for the usual off-topic nonsense.

Andrew and Buz couldn’t make it so this edition should prove quite popular in Mexico. Instead you can smell what Ben Rock is cooking; the Alien Raiders filmmaker joins us for this edition. The always salty Uncle Creepy, Matt “Can we get this over with because ‘Lost’ is on in an hour?” Fini, and yours truly, the Foywonder, round out the roundtable of fiends.

Expect spoiler-filled discussions of Daybreakers, The Wolf Man, Legion, The Crazies, and especially Shutter Island. There’s also extreme wackiness, such as a shockingly lengthy opening discussion about the greatness of “Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle”, nearly forgotten about 1980’s genre flicks that deserve a DVD revival, more upcoming Asylum insanity, Uncle Creepy cockblocking me out of another potentially great Legion rant, Dead Snow despair, Sam Worthington’s total lack of charisma, ribbing each other over questionable movies likes, and so much more.

Eat up!

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    • macready

      i think someone needs to make a “sharkalarm” ringtone. that is just too funny.

      i have to return some videotapes.

    • frank_dracman

      I do have to make a correction, it was I, Frank the Great, that gave Foy a little criticism about the Legion rant, not Floyd. That guy gets enough grief as it is so I thought I’d clear his name. Your welcome, buddy.

      And Foy, we demand nothing short of perfection out of you. You hear me, PERFECTION!

      • Floydian Trip

        Thanks for coming forward Frank. If you hadn’t I would have canceled shore leave.

    • LifeMi

      I love Congo. One of my childhood favorites.

    • Floydian Trip

      It’s broken! It’s Broken! It’s Broken! Please fix it for the love of God I’m having a nicotine fit.

      • The Woman In Black

        Try the MP3 link — I don’t think it’s been added to the main “listen on your computer” listing yet.

        • Floydian Trip

          I fear MP3’s WIB. I just want to hear it on my computer it’s less invasive that way. *SOBBING HEAVILY*

          Maybe someone will be kind enough to transcribe it for me.

          • The Woman In Black

            I guess I don’t really understand what you’re saying. If you click the MP3 link, it’ll open up right on your computer in a Quicktime player. Nothing to be afraid of at all.

            • Floydian Trip

              Oh, well then, I shall click on it. It just says to download. And I don’t download.

            • Floydian Trip

              It is working nicely WIB with no downloading going on. Thanks!

            • The Woman In Black

              YAY! Crisis averted. 😉

    • Floydian Trip

      Now, I;m pissed off again after getting a beer and getting comfortable I clicked the ling that would let me listen to it on my computer and it reverts to that last one.

    • Styling Shatner

      Awesome, I’m glad to see that it’s up. I’ve been patiently waiting, but I understood the technical difficulties and the scheduling conflicts, so I’m just glad to be able to hear it. I always enjoy them, and I don’t think I’ll feel any differently about this one.

    • Floydian Trip

      I retract my earlier comments on the forum. I knew UC was still alive!

      • Uncle Creepy

        I am? Oh, shit!