Flesh for the Inferno Rising on DVD Next Month
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Flesh for the Inferno Rising on DVD Next Month

With all the Republican Presidential candidates reminding us just how scary religion can be at times by going out of their way to appease the Christian masses, perhaps the time has never been better for another Christian-themed horror film. Flesh for the Inferno, which hits DVD on March 8 (pre-order on Amazon), follows a group of nuns who, after being  killed by their priest, are unleashed many years later as vengeful spirits intent on going on a mass killing spree and opening a gateway to the world beyond. No doubt Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz will support them for upholding their deeply held religious beliefs. Synopsis: At a local Catholic school, the nuns have noticed that the priest is doing more than just leading his students in prayer. Not content to stand idly by as evil walks their halls, the Sisters decide to take action. Confronted by the nuns about his wicked ways, the priest retaliates. For defying him, the Father takes the Sisters hostage and bricks them into the walls of the school’s basement. The sadistic and fatal punishment shakes the faith of the women, forcing them to renounce their holy vows in the moments before their demise. How could they continue to believe in a power that would allow them to suffer such a fate when they were merely trying to do what’s right? Decades later, the school is now vacated and in a state of disrepair. Selected by the community as a building marked for urban renewal, a neighborhood youth group has volunteered their afternoon to come clean up the premises and prepare it for construction. However, when the motley crew accidentally uncovers the blasphemous tomb in the basement, the nuns return… and Hell follows. Trapped inside the building, the members of the youth group fight for their lives to flee the wronged nuns, who now lurk the halls as damned Sisters of Perdition. All the while, the school itself starts twisting and distorting, becoming a mad nightmare that just may prove to be a gateway to a world beyond. With blood on their hands and revenge on their minds, the nuns won’t stop until they have… FLESH FOR THE INFERNO! Flesh for the Inferno (1) (1) Flesh for the inferno 2 (1) Flesh for the inferno 3

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