Machete Begins Shooting Soon

Machete Begins Shooting Soon

Those of you lucky enough to have seen Grindhouse during its theatrical run can attest that the faux trailers were arguably the best part of the whole experience. And while we’re still waiting for the Weinstein Company to do the right thing and offer fans The Complete Grindhouse Experience on DVD and Blu-ray, Robert Rodriguez isn’t waiting any longer to turn his trailer for Machete into a feature length film!

Machete himself, the awesome Danny Trejo, talked to Gordon and the Whale about the soon-to-be rolling project and confirmed that it would begin shooting in five weeks’ time.

This is awesome news. The Machete trailer is, of course, attached to Planet Terror, making it the only Grindhouse trailer available on home video. Let’s hope Rodriguez can get Cheech Marin and Jeff Fahey back in their respective roles as well for maximum kick-assery!

Machete Begins Shooting Soon


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