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Exclusive Interview: Filmmaker Jesse Thomas Cook Talks Monster Brawl, Ejecta and More

In Jesse Thomas Cook’s Monster Brawl, we see the Canadian filmmaker blend both his love for the horror genre and classic ‘80s professional wrestling in the flick that features eight classic movie monsters fighting in the ultimate death match set in a haunted graveyard.

Monster Brawl Brawling Later

It seemed a natural fit scheduling a DVD release the same week as Wrestlemania for a movie designed like a pro wrestling PPV about monsters stepping into the ring to fight each other with a cast that includes several well-known names from the world of pro wrestling. Unfortunately, that March release date just marched all the way back to the summer.

Monster Brawl Home Video Artwork Ready to Rumble

Somewhere in the middle of all of the holiday madness of 2011, The Foywonder reported that Monster Brawl (review here) would be hitting DVD in March of this year. As a quick follow-up to that tasty nugget of news, the official artwork has come our way! Dig it!

Monster Brawl DVD-Per-View Officially Slated for March

It seems only appropriate that with next year’s Wrestlemania slated for April Fool’s Day, a motion picture like Monster Brawl, starring several personalities from the world of professional wrestling that is patterned after a wrestling pay-per-view but with monsters stepping into a ring to fight it out, would get released on DVD the same week.

International Monster Brawl One-Sheet Tells the Tale of the Tape

And in this corner coming in at about 600 pixels wide, a new bit of eye candy that sets up a true fight for the ages ... the international sales one-sheet for Anchor Bay Entertainment's Monster Brawl!

Creature Packed Trailer Debut - Monster Brawl

Here at Dread Central we're always in search of a good time. If the official trailer for the new rock 'em sock 'em monster mash Monster Brawl is any indication of what's to come, that's exactly what we're gonna get!

One-Sheet Debut - Monster Brawl

Who doesn't like a good monster mash? The prospect of two behemoths battling it out in very violent ways is irresistible to horror fans and serves as catnip to me personally. So we're pretty happy to bring you the first poster and stills from the upcoming two-fisted creature feature Monster Brawl!

Monster Brawl Getting Ready to Rumble

Both the title and the concept sound like the basis for an old NES video game, but Monster Brawl is actually a horror-comedy now in production about ultimate monster fighting starring an eclectic cast of actors and talent from the world of pro wrestling and MMA.