Foreign Horror

A Norwegian Christmas Nightmare Arises with O'Hellige Jul (O Holy Christmas)

Everything seems more intense when it's Nordic. Death metal, blondes, the Swedish Chef. The list goes on. Must be a Viking thing. Directors Magne Steinsvoll and Per-Ingvar Tomren hope to add that intensity to Christmas horror with O’Hellige Jul (which translates to something like O Holy Christmas).

See All Three Sides to This Latest Zombie World One-Sheet

It was back in May that we first told you about the latest foreign undead opus Zombie World, and now the flick has a new one-sheet just in time for the holiday season! It will be starting a festival run soon while seeking distribution.

UK DVD Forecast Calls for Snow; Icelandic Film Frost Dated for Home Video

Who doesn't love a good snow-covered horror flick? Movies like The Thing and Adam Green's Frozen have shown that horror stories and winter make for a damn fine pairing, and the found footage flick Frost is the next one set to splatter blood in the snow.

Slide Down a Blood Glacier (The Station) in the UK

The new flick from Rammbock director Marvin Kren, Blood Glacier (aka The Station), will be hitting DVD across the pond on January 20, 2014, and right now we've got a giant sized image gallery and more for you! Dig it!

Dan Mitsu Is Horny for Giant Horned Monsters in the Trailer for Minoru Kawasaki's Earth Defense Widow

The always eclectic Minoru Kawasaki is back with a preview of his latest slice of cult movie lunacy, Earth Defense Widow. Japan is once again attack by giant monsters, and only one thing seems capable of stopping them...

Magnet Unleashes Big Bad Wolves in New U.S. Trailer

With its release date just over a month away, Big Bad Wolves (review) is coming at us fast and furious. Hot on the heels of yesterday's new poster art comes the trailer for Magnet's Stateside release of the Israeli flick, which you can feast on here!

New Indonesian Horror Flick Will Have You Chasing the Devil

Man, that devil! He is a feisty one. In fact he's fast. Like Carl Lewis fast. Yet, truth be told, I'm not even sure if Big Red has anything at all to do with the Indonesian flick Mengejar Setan, aka Chasing the Devil. Why, you ask? Read on to find out.

New Big Bad Wolves Artwork Is Yellow

A new poster is here for Big Bad Wolves (review), and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal. If you're a fan of a certain bright and cheery color, you're gonna LOVE it! Check it out!

UK to Discover The Complex in January 2014

J-horror legend Hideo Nakata returns to the spook-laden genre he helped develop into a global phenomenon with The Complex (review here), a tale of ghostly terror coming to DVD across the UK on 27 January 2014 courtesy of Koch Media. Check out the trailer and artwork right here!

New Killers Imagery Starts Bleeding

Playing as part of next year's Sundance Film Festival is the ultra-violent experience known as Killers, the next film from moviemaking duo The Mo Brothers (Macabre). Check out some new stills!

Shower Off With a New Still From Spring

Judging by this latest still from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's (Resolution) new film Spring, it's safe to say that the duo don't mind splashing around the red stuff one single bit! This pleases us to no end.

Live Action Attack on Titan Feature Finds Director

It was almost a year ago to the day when Foywonder first turned us on to the weirdness of Araki Tetsuro's anime series Attack on Titan. Here's the thing: You can put man-eating giants in anything, and we're pretty much guaranteed to watch it, and now that a live action version is on its way? JOY!

Chilean Horror Film Yokai Comes to the Shoreline

Ya know what kinds of stories I love to read? The ones where American distribution companies pick up foreign films and intend on releasing them, rather than remaking them. This is one of those stories. Read on for the skinny!

IFC Midnight Scoops Up Witching and Bitching

Alex De la Iglesia closed out the Midnight Madness section of this year's Toronto International Film Festival with his totally off the wall new flick Witching and Bitching, which was recently released in his home country of Spain. When will the rest of us be able to check it out? Read on for details!

Romance Goes Awry in Upcoming Chilean Slasher Damned Love (Maldito Amor)

What happens when a romantic comedy runs head on into a 70s Italian Giallo flick and an 80s American slasher? Well, it looks like we're about to find out! Read on for your first details regarding this upcoming frightening foreign film affair!