Foreign Horror

Trailer Debut - Finally Italian Zombies Are Back in Eaters

Fans of Italian made flesh-eating zombie flicks, rejoice! We have the official long awaited trailer debut for you from Marco Ristori and Luca Boni's Italian living dead infested flick Eaters! It's so tasty, too! Guglielmo Favilla, Alex Lucchesi, Steve Sylvester, Rosella Elmi, and Richard Burton star. No word on exactly when we'll be seeing this flick clawing at our doors, but we'll be keeping a close watch on things. In the interim dig on the new trailer below. Synopsis

Takashi Shimizu Bringing Us Rabbit Horror 3D

Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) has brought us a lot of horror over the years, but nothing more horrifying than ... brace yourselves ... Rabbit Horror 3D. Yep, Rabbit Horror 3D. This particular night of the lepus is about to get really hairy!

TIFF '10: Trailer Debut - Sion Sono's New Slasher Film: Cold Fish

Director Sion Sono (Strange Circus, Love Exposure, Suicide Club) is back with a new film which has been described as "a true-life serial killer story". Ready to sample your first video taste of Cold Fish? For more imagery hit up the official Sushi-Typhoon website.

One-Sheet Debut - More French Horror in The Village of Shadows

News of more goodies coming our way out of France today as yet another bit of badass horror cinema looks to be poised to make a splash. Below you'll find the first one-sheet and stills from the new thriller directed by Fouad Benhammou, The Village of Shadows, or Le Village des Ombres for you international purists out there.

Trailer Debut - Get Your First Look at the Priest of Evil

Well, the devil certainly made a splash at the box office last weekend, though in the end big red was slightly edged out of the number one spot, but religious horror is now white hot again, and this latest flick turns the subgenre on its ear a bit by making a trusted savior into a menace! Check out the artwork, the plot crunch and the trailer for Olli Saarela's serial killer thriller Priest of Evil, or Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi as it's known in its native tongue below. Synopsis

[REC] Sequels, [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse, Are Selling, Selling, Selling!

When we first saw [REC] a few years ago, we never pegged it for a film that could be franchised. The truly badass sequel [REC] 2 totally proved us wrong, and we have to say we're more than ready for parts three and four. Apparently so are plenty of other places ...

Manuel Martin Cuenca to Bring Us Spanish Flesh Eaters in Love with Canibal

Seriously. Even people who indulge in eating the flesh of the living (or maybe even the dead if you're a kinky little ghoul) need love too. And love is exactly what they find strewn amongst the entrails in this upcoming Spanish flick!

Two New Trailers - Juan of the Dead

Two new trailers showcasing Cuba's new zombie killing hero have surfaced online and honestly? They're pretty funny. Ready for more Juan of the Dead? Of course you are!

Image Entertainment is Damned By Dawn

One flick we've been looking forward to for a while now is the Evil Dead inspired Aussie horror-fest from the Krypto Brothers, Damned by Dawn. In a world where so many cool looking flicks go without distribution, it's bitchin' to see one actually nail the ever elusive beast down.

New Images With Some Bite - We Are the Night

More stills have come our way for Dennis Gansel's new vampire flick We Are the Night. Given that this movie is coming from the team who brought us Inside, we don't expect very many pleasantries or sparkling. Time for a taste of what's to come!

I Saw the Devil Sees the Censors!

Though the MPAA has been a lot friendlier here in terms of gore and such, the same cannot be said abroad. Case in point ... Kim Jee-woon's new film I Saw the Devil starring Old Boy's Choi Min-sik.

New Spanish Horror Flick Callejon Is Right Up Your Blind Alley

Spanish screenwriter Antonio Trashorras is getting set to make his feature film debut with Callejon, or Blind Alley for you gringos out there.

The Score Thus Far - Cold Prey III Teaser Trailer Two

Hey! There is just not enough news happening right now, so let us take a moment to check out the second teaser trailer for the foreign slasher flick, Cold Prey III! Good thing we still got gas in the old tank. Dig it!

Demeking, The Sea Monster to Come Ashore in October

October is really shaping up DVD-wise. Now we can add a new giant monster movie from Japan that until now I had somehow not heard about. The 2009 daikaiju movie Demekingu is slated for a US DVD release in October under the Americanized title Demeking, The Sea Monster. Hey, as long as it's better than Kraa! The Sea Monster, I'll be happy.

CrackMordaz Bring the Horror in Music Video - I Shall Return

Yep, it's Monday. The work was has begun. You're barely awake. Everyone on the planet is already giving you shit. All you want to do is go home and go back to sleep. We've all been there. That being said ... how about a little NOT SAFE FOR WORK goodness to help you through the upcoming five days of aggravation? No, really, it's our pleasure!