Foreign Horror

Magnet Attracts Troll Hunter! Going Theatrical in 2011!

Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired world rights (excluding Europe) to writer/director André Ovredal’s docu-style horror flick.

No More Waiting for Gorgo With This Teaser

Tired of waiting for Gorgo to return? The British aren't, not in Waiting for Gorgo, a 15-minute short film that pays tribute to the 1961 British Godzilla knock-off while using the conventional trappings of a giant monster movie to satirize the bureaucracy of the British Civil Service.

IFC Midnight Debuts its Shadow

Another terrifying horror import has hit VOD courtesy of IFC Midnight and we've got the plot crunch and trailer for Federico Zampaglione's Shadow! Dig it!

Behind-the-Scenes: One Way Trip 3D

Excited for the next 3D slasher film coming our way, One Way Trip 3D? Well then you'll dig on the following behind-the-scenes goodness that will help you prep for the journey!

International Trailer for Jean Paul Civeyrac's Young Girls in Black

Time to add a little French flavor to your Friday, or should we say freedom flavor? Man, that whole switch French with freedom thing was dumb, wasn't it? It didn't even make any sense! Then again neither did the then administration at the helm so I guess in the end it all balances out. Where were we? Oh yeah ...

Excl: Director Talks Screamfest Premiere of Caged (Captifs)

With Los Angeles’ venerated Screamfest L.A. running this October 8-17 at the Mann’s 6 in Hollywood, CA, we thought it time to catch up with some of the filmmakers whose horrific entries will be screening at Rachel Belofsky’s tenth annual film festival of all things horrific.

International Trailer Debut - Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

The official Japanese trailer for the first international Paranormal Activity sequel, dubbed Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, is here, and it proves that screaming is the same in any language! Japanese distributor Presidio Corporation is expanding into production with Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, a local language sequel to the global box office smash.

Early Sales Art and Synopsis: One Way Trip 3D

Production on Markus Welter's latest 3D slasher film One Way Trip is officially under way in Switzerland, and to mark the occasion, some early sales art, a synopsis, and even some behind-the-scenes imagery have hit the interwebs.

English Subtitled Trailer - Troll Hunter!

While the imagery alone is enough to get us excited for this latest import monster mash, Troll Hunter, we have to admit it is kind of nice finally knowing what these cats have been saying in between the screaming and the running!

New Trailer: We Are What We Are

A new trailer for the Mexican cannibal fiesta known as Jorge Michel Grau's We Are What We Are has just debuted online, and we've got the goods right here waiting for you!

International Trailer Debut: Troll Hunter

The full international trailer for our new favorite holy shit! film, Troll Hunter, has just popped up online, and as always we have your hot ticket to see it!

Psycho Santa Sint Knows the Dutch are Naughty

How do you think conservative culture warriors that rant and rave every year about the so-called "War on Christmas" are going to react when they find out about this new wave of dangerous Santa movies coming out of Europe and Scandinavia of late? For that matter, how do you say Silent Night, Deadly Night in Dutch? Just say Sint, I suppose.

Charlize Theron Nabs Remake Rights for Two Eyes Staring

Though no US distro has been secured yet for the original film from the Netherlands, Elbert van Strien's Two Eyes Staring (or Zwart Water for you purists out there), that hasn't stopped a Hollywood heavyweight from nailing down the rights to the remake!

Extraterrestre - Aliens Invade In Latest Nacho Vigalondo Film

Man, today's been the day of teaser images and trailers, has it not? While there's no video for the following, the two latest teaser posters for Nacho Vigalando's latest invasion movie Extraterrestre (or Alien) are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Two New One-Sheets: Cold Prey III

Two new bits of artwork for the third film in the Cold Prey franchise have come our way, and they borrow a few things from the American assemble-some-characters-together playbook.