Foreign Horror

Israel Starts Slashing with Rabies

Israel is officially tossing its hat into the slasher sub-genre arena with the new flick Rabies (would totally have been funnier if they called it Rabbis), and we've got the first look at the movie for ya right here!

Teaser Trailer Debut - Blood Runs Cold

More Swedish horrors are headed our way, and while we don't know exactly when we'll being seeing the new flick Blood Runs Cold, we're still happy that it's on the horizon! Dig on the teaser trailer for the flick, filmed on a micro-budget by Sweden-based production company Stockholm Syndrome, below.

The Prince of Darkness Is Waiting to be Born in The Devil in Baby Joan

Demon-mania has spread around the world with every country offering the devil his due at the box office! The next tale of possession that's hit upon our head-spinning radar comes to us straight from Oz! Ready for a trailer? We thought you would be!

I Saw the Devil and You Will Too in March

That's right, kids! The insane little flick I Saw the Devil has nabbed itself a limited theatrical release set for March 4th, 2011, courtesy of our favorite crazies over at Magnet Releasing.

The Danish Dead Rise in Opstandelsen

Here at Dread Central any time the dead decide to rise and ravage the living is a really good time. Having them rise and lay siege to a church? Well, that's like a dream come true, and that's exactly what we're getting in the Danish horror flick Opstandelsen.

Another Contender for Generic Horror Title of the Year - See A Ghost

We didn't think generic horror movie titles could get any worse than The Haunted House Project and Italian Ghost Stories, but this may be the worst one of all time - brace yourself for the trailer for the terror out of Thailand - See a Ghost. That's right, See a Ghost. We shit you not.

A Look Inside the French Forbidden House

Another French horror film has hit our radar this morning, once again dealing with the terrors of yet another home invasion (a seemingly big box office sub-genre draw over there). What's scarier than the thought of a stranger rifling around your home with you in it? Not much. Read on for the details.

Sony and Rodar Y Rodar to Show Their Scars

Some more types of paranormal activity are about to be investigated, this time in a town instead of a house, and that opens the door for things to get really interesting, don't ya think?

A Chinese Ghost Story - First Images of the New Demon Witch from the Reboot

Well, it's nice to know that America isn't the only one in the remake, retelling, reimagining, rebooting business! Veteran Hong Kong director Wilson Yip (Ip Man, Ip Man 2) is hard at work crafting his version of the classic Eighties horror flick A Chinese Ghost Story, and we have the first look for you right here!

Trailer for Los Elementales Proves that CGI Sucks in Chile Too

Yep, there's just nothing like really bad CGI to snap you directly out of whatever mood or fun has been created by a film. The trailer for Chilean monster flick Los Elementales is total proof of that.

[REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse - Finally a Good Look at the Teaser Art

Finally after months of rocking semi-centered slightly blurry looks at the teaser posters for both [REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse we've got a good look at the goodies for you. Sure, they're nothing too special and are exactly what you'd expect but at least now they're in focus!

Sundance 2011: New Imagery from Troll Hunter! Best Look at the Beast Yet!

One film that will be gracing the screen at the Sundance Film Festival that we're dying to see is Troll Hunter. If you have any question as to why we're fiending so badly for this flick, then these news stills should more than answer your question!

Sundance 2011: More Stills from I Saw the Devil

Before Magnet Releasing unleashes I Saw the Devil on home video and in theatres, the flick is making a stop at the Sundance Film Festival; and to celebrate the occasion, we've got some nifty stills for you!

Need a Generic Title for a Found Footage Flick? Thailand Has Got You Covered with The Haunted House Project!

Opening today in Singapore cinemas is Lee Cheol-ha's cinéma-vérité spooker extravaganza with quite probably the lamest title ever unleashed on an audience, The Haunted House Project. Curious? Don't worry, kids; we've got the trailer and a quick plot crunch for you.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Hideo Nakata's Chatroom

More goodies coming in from our friends across the pond in promotion of the release of Hideo Nakata's latest film Chatroom. Time for a little behind-the-scenes-action! Chatroom hits UK cinemas on December 22nd. No word on US distro just yet, but we'll keep our ears a'listening.