Foreign Horror

[REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse - Finally a Good Look at the Teaser Art

Finally after months of rocking semi-centered slightly blurry looks at the teaser posters for both [REC]: Genesis and [REC]: Apocalypse we've got a good look at the goodies for you. Sure, they're nothing too special and are exactly what you'd expect but at least now they're in focus!

Sundance 2011: New Imagery from Troll Hunter! Best Look at the Beast Yet!

One film that will be gracing the screen at the Sundance Film Festival that we're dying to see is Troll Hunter. If you have any question as to why we're fiending so badly for this flick, then these news stills should more than answer your question!

Sundance 2011: More Stills from I Saw the Devil

Before Magnet Releasing unleashes I Saw the Devil on home video and in theatres, the flick is making a stop at the Sundance Film Festival; and to celebrate the occasion, we've got some nifty stills for you!

Need a Generic Title for a Found Footage Flick? Thailand Has Got You Covered with The Haunted House Project!

Opening today in Singapore cinemas is Lee Cheol-ha's cinéma-vérité spooker extravaganza with quite probably the lamest title ever unleashed on an audience, The Haunted House Project. Curious? Don't worry, kids; we've got the trailer and a quick plot crunch for you.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Hideo Nakata's Chatroom

More goodies coming in from our friends across the pond in promotion of the release of Hideo Nakata's latest film Chatroom. Time for a little behind-the-scenes-action! Chatroom hits UK cinemas on December 22nd. No word on US distro just yet, but we'll keep our ears a'listening.

Zombies from Outer Space - Prepare for Cosmic Carnage!

Since new takes on B-movies seem to be the flavor of the day, we're happy to bring you another heaping helping of fantastic looking silliness. Brace yourself, dearest reader, for the attack of the Zombies from Outer Space!

Trailer Debut - Sion Sono's Slasher Film: Cold Fish

Director Sion Sono (Strange Circus, Love Exposure, Suicide Club) has long been making movies that have sat comfortably on the strange and disturbing side of the fence. Cold Fish, his latest entry into the slasher subgenre, looks to follow suit.

Apply for Your Norwegian Troll Hunter License!

The Norwegian PR company behind the monster mash Troll Hunter is whipping a copious amount of Troll ass and you can help by obtaining your official Troll Hunter License. That is ... if you can read Norwegian!

IFC Readying its Genre Slate for December 2010/January 2011

It was way back in May when IFC Midnight acquired writer/director Antoine Blossier's debut feature Proie (Prey), and finally, come December we'll be able to watch it either On Demand (starting on the 1st) or in selected theatres (as of the 3rd).

Noomi Rapace Listens for Horror in Babycall

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace is without question a hot ticket item in the world of movies, and we're happy to report that with the new Norwegian flick Babycall she'll be dabbling in the horror genre!

Hike Your Way to Terror in New British Thriller

Another new flick has just appeared on our radar coming in from our friends in the UK. We've got the first images from Rupert Bryan's Hike for you to dig on along with a plot crunch and more!

First Teaser Image from the Korean Monster Mash - Sector 7

It was way back in June that we first told you about the new Korean creature feature entitled Sector 7, aka Mining Area 7 or Je Chil Gwanggu for you purists out there. And now almost half a year later we have the first teaser image from the flick!

Two More Troll Hunter Clips to Leave Your Jaws on the Floor!

Every single thing we see from The Troll Hunter makes us wish this movie were right here, right now, in our hands. If you haven't seen or heard anything about this one, prepare to be excited!

Mexico Experiences a Night Without Sky

Mexico has been kicking ass over the last few years in terms of pounding out some great horror flicks as well as some great directors. With the alien invasion craze in full swing here in the States, it was only a matter of time before the hysteria traveled south of the Border.

Sint is One Santa Looking to Give the Gift of Death While Slashing Records

Remember all that hubbub about Silent Night, Deadly Night here in the States when it first came out? Parents were up in arms because it had a killer dressed as Santa Claus. Ah, stupidity! How we love when you rear your head! The Dutch seem to have no such problems. In fact their new killer Christmas flick Sint is breaking records overseas.