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Japan Planning New Ring Sequel - Sadako 3D

Okay, so now there are two 3D projects based upon the film that started the J-horror craze, The Ring. DreamWorks is still in the developmental stage on its upcoming English language flick, The Ring 3D, and now the Japanese have thrown their hats into the multi-dimensional arena!

New Red Band Trailer - I Saw the Devil

A new red band trailer has arrived for the highly acclaimed film I Saw the Devil and as always you can find it right here!

UK Readers – Are You Ready to Get Primal?

Having been quite well received at the 2010 Film4 Frightfest in London’s Leicester Square (hell, it won the Audience Favourite Award), Josh Reed’s monster mash Primal will be clawing its way onto DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on February 28th courtesy of Kaleidoscope Entertainment. From the Press Release:

Badass Trailer and One-Sheet for New Swedish Horror Flick Marianne

There was a time one poster or box art alone could get me to watch a movie. Now couple some of the most kick-ass artwork we've seen thus far this year along with a good trailer, and you've really gotten our interest. Speaking of which ...

Latest Theatrical One-Sheet: I Saw the Devil

More eye candy has come our way for the highly acclaimed film I Saw the Devil, and as always we're here to dole out the goodies one pixel at a time.

SXSW 2011: New Stills and Trailers - Phase 7 (Fase 7)

With the 2011 SXSW Film Festival creeping in this March, the goodies have stared rolling in for their genre fare. First up, an Argentian horror comedy that's enjoying some nice buzz, Phase 7, or Fase 7 for you purists out there.

The French Get Heavy with New Series - Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Time for a little French flavor to kick off your Thursday! Hold the escargot of course. Still can't believe people eat those friggin' things. I mean really.

Get Teased by Caged Women

Ok, favorite headline of the day right there! That's right, kids, it's time for three separate looks at the upcoming French flick Caged, or Captifs for you purists out there. Sorry no subtitles, but dude .... caged women! Dig on the goods from the flick starring Zoe Felix, Eric Savin, and Arie Elmaleh after the plot crunch below. Synopsis

Get Force Fed a New Image From The Pack

Here's a strange new image from Franck Richard's French creature feature The Pack (La Meute) for you to dig upon while we wait for Indomina Releasing to release this puppy here in the States.

Bollywood Screams in Haunted 3D

The 3D craze has infected the entire world! Thankfully its popularity seems to be waning a bit here in the States, but that's still not stopping anyone from pumping these three-dimensional terrors out one after the other.

New Trailer and Clip - IFC Midnight's Dream Home

And the gory goodies continue regarding IFC Midnight's release of Dream Home. With the film set to debut on VOD on February 9th and hitting limited theatres on February 11th, we've got a brand spanking new trailer and more for you!

Exclusive: NSFW Clip - IFC Midnight's Dream Home

Nudity! Dismemberment! Evisceration! Ah, the joys of running a horror website! That's right, horror heads. Lock your office door and hide from your boss because we have a very not safe for work clip from IFC Midnight's Dream Home for you! The film will be released On Demand from IFC Midnight on February 9th! Synopsis:

Beware the Indonesian Beach Creature!

One look at the trailer for this new Indonesian monster movie called Beach Creature (or Jenglot Pantai Selatan if you're Indonesian) and you'll quickly realize Piranha 3D is proving far more influential than any of us have yet realized. Lots of scantily clad women and an aquatic monster wreaking gory havoc - looks like fun to me.

Israel to Take Zombie Action to Another World

Israel is throwing its hat straight into the living dead infested ring, proving once and for all that human flesh is definitely kosher! Get ready for your first look at Another World. The first zombie film ever to come out of the area, Another World is being directed by Eitan Reuven and stars Carl McCrystal, Zach Cohen, Susanne Gschwendtner, Davina Kevelson and David Lavenski.

I Saw the Devil (2011)

Reviewed by Kalebson Starring Byung-hun Lee, Min-sik Choi, Gook-hwan Jeon Directed by Ji-woon Kim