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Tribeca 2011: A Trio of Stills to Take You Beyond the Black Rainbow

Strap in, kids. The powers-that-be at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival have released several stills from the entries in their Cinemania program (i.e., science fiction, horror, exploitation, and fantasy), and of course we have them all for you right here. First up is Beyond the Black Rainbow, directed and written by Panos Cosmatos. Synopsis:

International Trailer Debut - Norwegian Zombies Shamble on in Dark Souls

No matter what language they speak, the premise of the dead rising to slaughter and consume the living is without question a scary one. And as you'll see from this latest trailer for the Norwegian terror tale Dark Souls, or Mørke Sjeler for you purists out there, things are not only looking scary ... they're looking pretty badass!

Aargh Presents a Day in the Life of a Retired Japanese Movie Monster

Yesterday we shorted you on the weekly WTF Friday of the Week. Day late, dollar short, but I think this trailer for Aargh will quench your thirst for WTF-ness. A 15-minute German short film about the day in the life of an ex-star of Japanese monster movies, and I don't mean one of the human actors.

Kim Jee-woon Talks I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil (Akmareul boatda) is an epic, violent, serial killer film about the price of seeking revenge. At over 2 hours long, the audience is asked to endure extreme emotional and visual content— mutilations, rape, and cannibalism just to name a few. And director Kim Jee-Woon wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

In Argentina They Can't Scream

Another foreign import is heading our way from director Orange Cavalcante da Silva and Vindicta Films, and we have the first bit of artwork and images for you! From the Press Release “THEY CAN’T SCREAM” is a new horror feature film directed by Orange Cavalcante da Silva and produced by Vindicta Films. It is an Argentine-Brazilian co-production.

International One-Sheet Debut - REC: Apocalypse?

Yes. We know that [REC] Genesis is the third film in the franchise. So why is there a Russian one-sheet for [REC] Apocalypse online? Because someone's been hittin' the Smirnoff! [REC] directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero will split directing responsibilities for the next two films in the franchise, [REC] Genesis and [REC] Apocalypse.

Israel Poisoned! Zombies Rise!

More zombie action is heading out to the masses with the Israeli production of Posioned or מורעלים as it's known in its native land. Let the shambling begin! Coming from director David Lubetzky, the film stars David Shaul, Orna Shifris, Arthur Perry, and Rudy Saada. Check out the plot crunch, a bit of artwork, and the trailer below.

Marianne Teases More Terror

And the hype wheel for the new Swedish horror film Marianne keeps right on rolling, this time delivering a second teaser trailer to go along with last week's crop of images! Filip Tegstedt's Marianne stars Peter Stormare (Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Armageddon), Thomas Hedengran (Frostbiten, Jägarna, Den Osynlige), and Tintin Anderzon.

Early Production Stills from The Last Demonslayer

Chilean born, now Danish based, director Shaky Gonzalez (Angel of the Night, The Grey Gold) recently started shooting his latest feature film, The Last Demonslayer, which is a mix of horror and adventure, very much inspired by many of the genre movies from the 80ies. A few very early production stills were released today to hopefully pique some interest in the film.

Quad One-Sheet Debut: Sion Sono's Slasher Film: Cold Fish

A bit of eye candy coming our way from across the pond! This time for director Sion (Strange Circus, Love Exposure, Suicide Club) Sono's strange little slasher flick Cold Fish. Break out your bento box!

Dream Home (2011)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Josie Ho, Michelle Ye, Eason Chan, Norman Chu Directed by Ho-Cheung Pang

Latest I Saw the Devil Clip Hits You Where it Hurts and Then Cuts it Off!

With I Saw the Devil hitting limited theatres and VOD this Friday courtesy of Magnet, a new clip from the flick has debuted online that's guaranteed to have anyone with a penis squirming.

Argentinian Zombies Run Amok in the Incidente

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of documentary or found footage type films, and this latest one coming out of Argentina looks nothing short of badass! According to director Mariano Cattaneo his film, Incidente, was inspired by the likes of [REC], Lamberto Bava's Demons, The Blair Witch Project, and even Stephen King’s novel Desperation.

Over Two Dozen New Images From New Swedish Horror Flick Marianne

That's right, kids! Head out to IKEA and buy yourself some meatballs because you're gonna be here for a while. We've gotten our filthy little claws into over two dozen new stills from the creepy looking new flick Marianne for you. Time to dig in!

New Website, Behind-the-Scenes Videos, and More - Troll Hunter

Excited about Troll Hunter (review here)? Lord knows you should be. The movie kicks ass in just about every conceivable way and we've got some new goodies to get you going!