Foreign Horror

Get Ready to Feel the Gloom (Penumbra)

Cold Sweat director Adrian Garcia Bogliano is back with another tale of terror to send shivers down your spine, and we've got the trailer for you right here to sample on! His latest flick, Gloom aka Penumbra, stars Cristina Brondo, Camila Bordonaba, Berta Muñiz, Arnaldo André and Mirella Pascual. Check out the trailer below courtesy of Twitch.

Exclusive: Dennis Gansel Talks We Are The Night

If the name Dennis Gansel doesn’t immediately ring a bell with you, dear readers, fear not, that’s what we at Dread Central are here for- to expand your horror-loving horizons by giving you the lowdown on some of the best our beloved genre has to offer from all over the globe.

A Game of Werewolves is Afoot

Though we're all still pretty much reeling from a recent twist on HBO's "Game of Thrones", yet another bit of foreign horror is afoot and ready to play its own kind of games, these involving lycanthropes and mucho mayhem!

We Are the Night (2011)

Starring Nina Hoss, Karoline Herfurth, Anna Fischer, Jennifer Ulrich, Max Reimelt Directed by Dennis Gansel

Eaters: Rise of the Dead (UK DVD)

Starring Alex Lucchesi, Guglielmo Favilla, Claudio Marmugi, Rosella Elmi Directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori Distributed by Chelsea Films

Some Fresh Stills Shed Light on the Darkest Night

We've been keeping tabs on Gothic Productions International's Darkest Night, a film with almost all Filipino actors as well as American DJ Perry (The 8th Plague, Wicked Spring) and some Malaysian talent to round out its cast and crew, and over the weekend five fresh stills landed in our inbox to shed a bit of light on what we can expect.

One-Sheet Debut and Free L.A. Screening Info: Cold Fish

The third in the line of Bloody Disgusting Selects films is getting ready to make its theatrical debut, and if you happen to be in Los Angeles, you can see it for FREE with director Sion Sono in attendance. Read on for details and your first look at the film's one-sheet.

Rammbock Shambles its Way to DVD and More

Fresh off of its theatrical run, the latest bit of German flavored zombie goodness, Rammbock: Berlin Undead, is now on its way to DVD and more! Read on for the info!

Italian Horror Fans to Choose Y/N You Lie You Die

For the last several years now horror movies have been filled with characters who have been forced to make decisions that will result in life (such as it is) or death consequences. The latest is on its way from Italy, and there's just one rule in this game - You lie, you die.

Tom Savini Paints the Screen Red for Two Aussie Films

Tom Savini got his start in the film business by creating some of the greatest F/X work horror movie fans have ever seen. As his career expanded, he left behind the latex and Karo syrup and began creating characters in a different manner ... by portraying them on screen. While that's cool and we love some of Tom's characters, we've been hungry for him to get back to F/X work.

Take a Bite out of Three New Clips from We Are the Night!

Hungry for a little Friday night vampire action? Well then, listen up, kids! We've gotten our teeth into, count 'em, three new clips from the latest indie vamp flick We Are the Night that are riddled with bite-happy hot chicks. Dig 'em!

There is Paranormal Activity Happening in China at No. 32, B District

The influence of Oren Peli's smash hit Paranormal Activity is still being felt years later with movies from all over the world trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle. Who's next to throw their hat into the ghostly ring?

Sector 7 Trailer and Posters Hit the Web; Website Opens

How can you not love a great monster movie? The Koren 'monster loose on an oil rig' creature feature titled Sector 7 is really looking like it's got potential. And we've got a trailer and a few posters to whet your appetite. Come on in and check 'em all out!

New One-Sheet Tells Italian Ghost Stories; US Premiere Set for June 4th

Mama mia! The dead ... they don't forget nothing! They holda the grudge like the Corleones againsta Moe Green. You ready to mangia some olda school spookery? No? Eh bafangool! From the Press Release:

The Pack (La Meute)'s UK DVD Trailer, Sleeve Art, and a Clip

Here in the US we're still waiting for word from Indomina Releasing as to when they'll be putting out Franck Richard's The Pack (La Meute), but our friends across the pond in the UK will be able to see the flick this July 4th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment, who has provided a new trailer, clip, and some totally badass artwork.