Foreign Horror

Swedish Slasher Flick Blood Runs Cold Finds Distro

My blood runs cold ... my memory has just been sold ... my ange... What? Oh sorry. In any event word has just come down that Bloody Disgusting Selects has acquired its next flick, the Swedish Slasher opus Blood Runs Cold. Read on for details.

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut - Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska)

A new one-sheet for the latest first-person horror flick, Haunted Poland, or Nawiedzona Polska for you purists out there, has come our way; and we have every pixel of it for you right here.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Cold Fish on DVD

That special blood soaked smell of Cold Fish is wafting through horror loving homes everywhere and if you've yet to catch its pungent scent we've got your chance to score the DVD on us!

Colombian Horror Flick El Paramo (The Squad) Already Set for American Remake

Never let it be said that Hollywood doesn't work fast. Even though its release is still a few weeks away, an American remake of the upcoming Colombian film El Paramo (The Squad) is already in the works.

Exclusive Interview Clip: Director Sion Sono on Cold Fish

Available right now on DVD is director Sion Sono's Cold Fish (review here), and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we've scored you an exclusive interview clip with the man himself! Dig it!

Japan Unleashes its Own Monster Squad with Kaibutsu-Kun

Oh, Japan. We love your resiliency in the face of tragedy. We love your strange fascination with tentacles, and most of all we love your nothing short of outrageous films. Yet another monster-filled tale is on its way from the Far East, and we've got your first look at Kaibutsu-Kun right here!

Trailer for Tim Fehlbaum's Hell Now Has Subtitles

We saw the full international for the Roland Emmerich produced post-apocalyptic thriller Hell a few weeks ago, but now a version with English subtitles has hit YouTube. Check it out, and let us know what you think now that you can better tell what's going on.

More Images From The Pack Gather Around the Internet

Indomina has released some brand new imagery from Franck Richard's The Pack (La Meute), which will be hitting U.S. shores on September 27th, and we've got the goods for you right here!

International Trailer Debut: Game of Werewolves

Time to add a bit of international flavor to your Tuesday with the trailer debut of Game of Werewolves. Sadly, however, if you don't habla español, you're kind of out of luck and will have to settle for looking at all the pretty pictures.

Things Get Dangerous in Latest One Way Trip Images

Thus far we've seen many a cool one-sheet for One Way Trip 3D, and now a couple of new stills have emerged that showcase some action. We like action. Action is good. For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page! Synopsis

Ultra-Spooky New Teaser Trailer for 23:59

Asian horror has been delivering the goosebumps Stateside for quite some time now, and just when we think we're about sick of it, along comes a trailer for a new film that leaves us hungry for more.

See the Sector 7 Monster in All of its Snarling Glory

To make a good monster nowadays, you have to do one of two things ... either show the audience something it hasn't seen before or throw a guy in a rubber suit and have him stomp a city. Sector 7 opts to bring us a new creature that looks kind of like what you'd get if Leviathan starting mating with lobsters.

Darkest Night Website Now Open; Trailer, New Stills, and Official Poster

The official website for Gothic Productions International's Darkest Night is now open, and along with that news the filmmakers forwarded to us the trailer, a quartet of new stills, and another poster for the flick.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Cold Fish

Sion Sono's Cold Fish recently screened during the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival, and our own Rick Trembles was on the scene and has reported back with a review as only he can!

The Living Dead Return in Zombie 108

Zombie movies are still alive and kicking in Asia, and if you need any evidence of this fact, look no further than the badass new trailer for Zombie 108. Oh, and if anyone has any clue what happened to Zombies 1 through 107, please give us a heads-up. Thanks.