Foreign Horror

Juan of the Dead Officially Starts Paddling to U.S. Shores

Some neat distribution news is coming in to kick off the first week of 2012. Festival favorite Juan of the Dead has officially been granted a green card and access to the United States. Read on for the details.

It's a Colon Catastrophe as Rectal Rivers of Blood Flow from Zombie Ass

Oh, Japan. There are moments every so often in which we look at you and shake our collective heads in loving disbelief. This is one of those times. Get your plungers, kids, and clinch those cheeks together tightly!

It's a New Day for Zombie Dawn Trailer

Who's ready for a little trailer action to get them through hump day? How about a little zombie-filled trailer action? Yeah, we knew that would sell you, and that's exactly what's in store for you with the latest trailer for the indie effort Zombie Dawn!

You'll Dance Your Ass Off During the Huhu Attack!

Just when you thought your afternoon couldn't possibly kick more ass (or get any stranger for that matter) comes news of a horror flick that explores what would happen if giant worms invaded a production of West Side Story. Are you ready for the Huhu Attack?

Never Mind Prometheus! Behind Door Number 8 is the Trailer of the Week!

Sometimes words aren't enough. You just have to see things for yourself. Inside this story you'll find the trailer for Aa Intlo, aka Door Number 8. Watch it. Study it. Write a thesis on it. Nothing can prepare you.

Howling International Trailer Sheds a Little Light

Yesterday we gave you your first look at the upcoming Korean film Howling. If you remember correctly, even though we had the synopsis as well, we still fell upon the confused side of the fence pertaining to just what the hell this flick is about. Today a trailer came online (sorry, no English subtitles) that clears things up a bit. Sort of.

Korea Starts Howling

Even though we have the synopsis of the new Korean film Howling, we're still pretty stumped at to just what it's about. Something's definitely been lost in translation, but there is a wolfdog, some murders, and oh, natural combustion. Puzzled? Join the club. In any event we have some stills for you.

Malaysian Tales of Terror Told in Klip 3GP

Malaysia is ready to throw its hat into the horror anthology arena with the latest fright-filled import from director Aidilfitri Mohamed Yunos, Klip 3GP, and we have a trailer and more for you right here. Check it out!

New Behind-the Scenes, Video, Artwork and Stills: The Night of the Chupacabras

It was only a matter of time before the mythical Mexican beast the Chupacabra had its night, and as you're about to see from the latest stills and behind-the-scenes video, it is indeed a bloody one.

Run from This Trailer!

No, we're not talking about that silly Patrick Dempsey movie from 1991, though in retrospect you should run from that flick any time you come across it. What we have here is something far more obscure. A new slice of Chinese horror called Run that promises "something not seen before in Chinese horror." We don't know about all that, but we have to admit ... this trailer is pretty sweet!

In Italy Even The Perfect Marriage Can End in Bloodshed

When you live with or marry someone, the road can get kind of bumpy. Usually things are easily smoothed out with a little attention and communication, but sometimes... sometimes the shit just hits the fan. Case in point: the new horror flick from Italy The Perfect Marriage (Il Marito Perfetto).

Two New Trailers from Zombies from Outer Space

It's been a while since last we talked about Zombies from Outer Space, but lo and behold two new trailers for this undead alien mash-up have made their way online, and as per usual we have 'em for you right here.

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. Can You?

More shambling good times are headed in our direction all the way from New Zealand thanks to One Eyed Films and 38 Pictures. Do you think you have what it takes to live through the unthinkable? Can you make it through a landscape littered with the living dead?

Longest Trailer Ever for Chilean Zombie Flick Teranthropus: The Aberration

Have about eight minutes to kill and prefer to spend that time watching the undead do their thing? Who could blame you?!? The undead make everything better! Get ready for the longest international teaser trailer you'll ever see for Lucio A. Rojas and Cristian Toledo's Chilean Teranthropus: The Aberration.

More Anime Horror Coming Your Way with Blood-C: The Last Dark

Japanese Anime. Some of it we love. Some we hate. The only constant? Those wacky makes-little-to-no-sense titles. Enter the latest, Blood-C: The Last Dark. What does that mean? Hell if we know. How about you watch the trailer and figure it out for yourself?!