The Following

Fox Orders a Second Season of The Following

If you've been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon for "The Following" in case it gets cancelled before telling its full story, don't worry. Fox has already given the show an early pickup for a second season.

New Series Promo and Two More Sneak Peeks of The Following Episode 1.07 - Let Me Go

At first we thought James Purefoy was the best thing about Kevin Williamson's new series, "The Following," but it turns out Kevin Bacon is more than holding his own as the focal point of the show. Check him out in one of two new clips from this Monday's Episode 1.07, "Let Me Go."

Catch Up on the First Six Episodes of The Following in Six Minutes!

Fox has once again provided a "catch-up" video of what's transpired thus far on "The Following." Here's everything you need to know from the first six episodes in just six minutes!

Season Finale Dates for The Following, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Cult

With horror TV kicking the ass of horror films, we figured you'd want to know when some of the best genre shows on the air are having their season finales this year.

An Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.06 - The Fall and a Sneak Peek of Episode 1.07 - Let Me Go

Did you watch last night's episode of "The Following"? If so, you'll want to dig a little deeper into "The Fall" with this "Insider" look from Fox. Check it out along with a clip from next week's Episode 1.07, "Let Me Go."

Two More Clips from The Following Episode 1.06 - The Fall

A pair of new clips have popped up online for "The Following" Episode 1.06, "The Fall," and of course we have them both right here. As you might imagine, things aren't going so well at the farmhouse for our kidnappers.

Catch Up on the First Five Episodes of The Following in Five Minutes!

So, maybe you've been watching "The Following" on Fox but have forgotten a few things... or you just want a refresher before next Monday's Episode 1.06, "The Fall." Here's everything you need to know from the first five episodes in just five minutes!

Second Clip from The Following Episode 1.06 - The Fall - Asks What's Agent Parker Hiding?

A second sneak peek of the upcoming Episode 1.06 of "The Following," ominously titled "The Fall," has come in, and it features Agent Parker (Annie Parisse) figuring out how to rattle ringleader Emma.

Meet The Man Behind The Following: Kevin Williamson

If you're a horror fan, the name Kevin Williamson is certainly a familiar one. Now that he's the mastermind behind "The Following" on Fox, plenty of other folks are learning his name, too. Here's a new video in which we hear from Kevin himself along with several of the show's cast members.

2013 Saturn Award Nominees Announced

This Sunday is Oscar day, but for genre fans it's The Saturn Awards that really matter, and we have the full list of this year's nominees. Although we have to say the horror pickings are rather slim indeed!

An Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.05 - The Siege and a Sneak Peek of Episode 1.06 - The Fall

"The Following" ended last night with a nice juicy cliffhanger so we know you're anxious to see what's coming next in Episode 1.06, "The Fall." But first let's get an "Insider" look at Episode 1.05, "The Siege."

Another Sneak Peek of The Following Ep. 1.05 - The Siege

After getting to see the first four episodes of "The Following" early, finally next week we join the rest of you in watching the show as it airs so we're pretty excited for Episode 1.05, "The Siege." Here's a new clip in which Agent Parker sends Agent Weston and a newly-deputized Hardy to Albany to find the farmhouse.

Joey Phones Home in New Clip from The Following Episode 1.05 - The Siege

A second clip has arrived from next Monday's episode of "The Following" on Fox, entitled "The Siege," in which Claire receives a surprise phone call from her kidnapped son, Joey.

An Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.04 - Mad Love; Sneak Peek of Episode 1.05 - The Siege

Fox has posted an "Insider" look at last night's episode of "The Following," entitled "Mad Love," and we have it here along with a sneak peek of next week's Episode 1.05, "The Siege."

Got Any Clips from The Following Episode 1.04 - Mad Love? Go Fish with this New Sneak Peek!

Agent Hardy goes on a fishing expedition in the latest clip to arrive from "The Following" Episode 1.04, "Mad Love," as he looks to Carroll for more information about Maggie, a devoted follower. Check it out; this show's never better than when Bacon and Purefoy share some screen time.