Final Destination 5

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Eyeball This New Clip from Final Destination 5

Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, Entertainment Weekly got its hands on the first clip from New Line and Warner Bros. Pictures' Final Destination 5, and as always we have it for you right here!

Three Final Destination 5 TV Spots Bring Death Home

Eagle-eyed viewers have been spying new TV spots for Final Destination 5 for the past couple of days. Have you missed them? No worries, kids! Just take a peek inside!

Set Visit: Final Destination 5

The air is thick with the smell of sulfur. Perched high above us is a giant chunk of bridge roadway mounted onto an enormous mechanical device that pitches the road forward and back. Welcome to the set of Final Destination 5!

Spoiler Filled New Trailer for Final Destination 5

The second full-length trailer for Final Destination 5 is here, and honestly? We're not sure if you guys are gonna want to watch this one. Why, you ask? It's home to lots of spoilers, including a twist reveal and glimpses of most of the film's deaths. Feeling saucy? Then go for it!

Latest Final Destination 5 One-Sheet: Suspension Bridge Comes Falling Down. Falling Down. Falling Down.

And the famous Final Destination poster skull rears its head once more in this latest one-sheet that showcases the horrors of a ride on a bridge gone terribly wrong. Dig it!

Skull Shattering New One-Sheet: Final Destination 5

Say what you want about the Final Destination films, the one-sheets have always been cool, and this latest bit of eye candy for Final Destination 5 may just be the best one yet. Dig it!

New Final Destination 5 Images Showcase the Moment of Impact

Several new images from the latest 3D sequel in the Final Destination franchise have slipped online, some of which appear to be screen grabs from the trailer, but we've got 'em here for you to dig on should you so choose to.

First Look: Latest Final Destination 5 One-Sheet

Death is coming back for another go-around with some folks who have defied its master-plan. Let's just hope in this fifth Final Destination installment no one is shaking rubber snakes at the camera and the franchise gets itself back on track after two really weak showings.

Second Teaser Poster for Final Destination 5 Rears Head

Well that was quick. Another variation of the official teaser one-sheet for Final Destination 5 has made its way online, and we have every foreboding pixel of it right here for your death cheating perusal.

Final Destination 5 - U.S. Trailer, Teaser Art and More!

In the media a few hours can make a big difference. Take Final Destination 5 for example. This morning the UK trailer found its way online. Now mere hours later we have the US trailer, the first teaser artwork and the official plot crunch. Oh, death. How we have missed you!

UK Trailer Debut - Final Destination 5

While we all wait for the Stateside eye candy to drop later tonight, our friends across the pond got their first look at Final Destination 5 early this morning and we have their trailer for you right here, right now. Like that Jesus Jones song, but less repetitive.

Final Destination 5 Trailer Debuting on G4 Monday May 9th

We're hoping for the fifth entry into the Final Destination franchise that death's latest design is a lot less silly. Please give us back the visceral mean-spirited cat and mouse induced gore and mayhem of the first two flicks! Thanks to G4 we'll be getting our first glimpse of what's to come sooner rather than later.

Release Date Shuffle: Apollo 18 and Final Destination 5

With the summer movie season taking shape two of this year's most talked about horror flicks, Apollo 18 and Final Destination 5 have done a bit of moving around. Get out your calendars, kids! It's time to make a few changes!

Final Destination 5 Scribe Teases Creative Deaths

It cannot be easy being a Final Destination screenwriter at this point in the game. Where can you really take the franchise? Or, perhaps it is very easy to write one of these sequels - provided you're able to come up with some creative death sequences. I'm guessing it's the latter in today's instance.

Exclusive: Tony Todd Talks Final Deatination 5! Parts 6 and 7 Already in the Cards?

Excited for the fifth entry in the Final Destination franchise? Yes, the last one left a lot to be desired, especially the absence of franchise staple Tony Todd. Well, the man is back for this fifth time around, and he had some really interesting words to share about the project and its continuation!