Final Destination 4

The Final Destination "Rumble" Clip

Ready to see tires flying, water spewing, and flames shooting out of your computer monitor? Well, the "Rumble" clip from David R. Ellis' upcoming The Final Destination comes about as close to bringing the flick's 3D experience home as it's going to get.

First Clip: The Final Destination

The time has come! The bell is tolling! The first official clip from David R. Ellis' The Final Destination is here! In it Andrew Fiscella telling his co-star Bobby Campo that it's not his time to die. Or ... is it?

New Stills: The Final Destination

Nearly twenty brand new stills for David R. Ellis' The Final Destination popped online today featuring a whole bunch of people about to have a very bad day. Check 'em out now! Consider it another gift before dying!

Six New TV Spots for Halloween II

We're just a couple of weeks shy of the biggest horror box office showdown of the decade as Rob Zombie's Halloween II is going head-up with David R. Ellis' The Final Destination on August 28th, and the promo spots are coming fast and furious.

Three More TV Spots for The Final Destination

Just a day after dropping some death on us with two TV spots for The Final Destination, Warner Bros. has provided three more kickass spots for this 3D extravaganza!

4th TV Spot for Halloween II Casts First Stone

On August 28th we're gonna have a showdown of epic proportions as Rob Zombie's Halloween II goes head-up again David R. Ellis' The Final Destination for your horror movie buck! Who will win? Horror fans will, that's who, but that hasn't stopped the folks behind H2 from taking aim and firing the first shot!

Two TV Spots for The Final Destination

Fans dying for a look at the 3D carnage promised by David R. Ellis' The Final Destination won't have to wait very long to whet their appetites as TV spots have began to run. We got ahold of two high quality looks at them for ya! Consider it a gift before dying!

Make a Home Video Date with Orphan and The Final Destination

Remember when it would take nearly a year for your favorite flicks to make the jump from theatres to home video? Long turn-around time seems to be a thing of the past, I tell ya!

French Trailer and One Sheet - The Final Destination

Screaming is a universal language, and never has it been more apparent than in the French trailer for David R. Ellis' The Final Destination in 3D, which will be hitting theatres here on August 28th.

SDCC 09: The Final Destination Clip Rocks Comic-Con

As expected The Final Destination ripped a huge bleeding hole through the crowd in attendance in Hall H of the gargantuan event, as David R. Ellis and company showed off the opening car crash sequence and more! Wanna know what you missed? We kind of thought you would.

The Final Destination Is Your TV

If the latest bloody still from The Final Destination didn't rev up your anticipation level for the film, then maybe two new TV spots that popped up online will.

Spoiler-y Image From The Final Destination

The Final Destination probably isn't going to reinvent the wheel, but man does it look like FUN. Today's update is just another gore pic, but it should help whet your whistle for the fast-approaching release date of August 28, when it will go head to head with that other horror movie.

New The Final Destination Images Bring the Violence!

Finally one of the the moments we've been waiting for has arrived! New gory stills from David R. Ellis' The Final Destination have hit the Net, and they made us giddy like school girls at a Twilight rally!

Final Destination Gets a Rating and It's a Good One!

Finally the fourth film in the Final Destination franchise, simply called The Final Destination, has met the MPAA and come away with the rating we were hoping for!

The Final Destination Officially Taking on H2?

Ever since it was announced that Halloween 2 and The Final Destination would be released on the same date of August 28th, 2009, it was thought one of the two films would most likely change its release plans. The smart money was on FD4 conceding, but if the RealD branded poster is any indication ... folks, we are ready to rumble!