Oldboy Taking on Paranormal Activity 5 Theatrically in October

The Spike Lee-directed remake of Park Chan-wook’s Korean classic Oldboy was originally slated for release on October 11th, but now it has been pushed to October 25th, pitting it directly against Paranormal Activity 5. So tell us... who's getting your box office dollars?

Official Oldboy Synopsis Takes Revenge

Okay, kids, on tap for you right now is a much better look at the Oldboy CinemaCon poster as well as a nifty new synopsis. Read on for details and eye candy. Then grab a hammer and start nailing people left and right. Preferably a rubber hammer. We don't want anyone getting hurt.

Oldboy Banner Keep Count

The upcoming CinemaCon show in Vegas has offered a first look at the title treatment for Spike Lee's take on Oldboy starring Josh Brolin. Look for the flick in theatres on October 11, 2013. Will you be there or are you just gonna stick with the Korean classic?

New Evil Dead Variant Poster Gets the Red Out!

Sony has released a new one-sheet for its upcoming remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead, and even though it's basically the same as the last, we definitely like the shady new look. Dig it!

Evil Dead Escapes a Week Early

The man himself, Bruce Campbell, took to his Twitter account with a big announcement - "The world cannot wait. The Evil Dead remake launches one week earlier! April 5th, 2013!" And the evil angels sing!

Official - New Evil Dead Rated R

The MPAA has made it official! Fede Alvarez's remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead has earned itself a rating, and while we're happy about it, we're still ecstatic for the possibility of an unrated Blu-ray/DVD release! Please, Sony, make it so!

SURPRISE! Evil Dead Hit with an NC-17; Cut for an R Rating

Unless you've been living under a rock and haven't seen anything pertaining to the upcoming remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead, then you know that the filmmakers were shooting an unrated film the entire time. But of course the MPAA weighed in...

Evil Dead Variant One-Sheet Gets the Red Out

A new version of the teaser one-sheet for Evil Dead has surfaced on the interwebs, and we have it for you right here with producers Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert all in tow. Dig it!

Could This Be a Sample of the Score for Evil Dead?

The Internet is a weird place. You just never know what you're gonna come across. Case in point: YouTube user DarkIslandFilms, who frequently posts soundtracks from games, films, TV shows, etc., has posted what he is claiming to be a sample of the score for the upcoming Evil Dead.

Evil Dead Green Band Trailer Arrives to Swallow Your Soul

The good folks behind the upcoming remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead have just released a green band trailer that's sporting new footage and won't offend any parental groups looking for something to complain about. Who are we kidding? They'll complain anyway. In any event...

Go Behind the Scenes of Evil Dead

Time for a little behind-the-scenes goodness straight from the set of the highly anticipated remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead. That's right - we have two new images on tap for you cats. Dig 'em!

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part Three: Meet the Tortured Souls of the New Evil Dead!

One thing clearly evident from our visit to the set of the new Evil Dead in Auckland is that filmmaker Fede Alvarez made his up-and-coming cast suffer for the sake of pushing the remake into some dark and unexpectedly twisted places.

Fan Made Poster Puts the Evil Dead in Motion

The horror fan base is as passionate as they come. We're always willing to go that extra mile, and that's just what one Mr. Pablo G. Martinez has done for the upcoming remake of the Evil Dead! Dig it!

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part Two: Filmmaker Fede Alvarez, Producer Rob Tapert and More on Everything Fans Want to Know About the Remake

For the second part of our Evil Dead set visit in Auckland, New Zealand, we had a busy but incredible day in store for us where we spent most of our time on a particular soundstage.

Evil Dead Set Visit Report Part One: Production Design, Special Effects, Incorporating Iconic Moments and the Book of the Dead

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