Film Festival

Fantasia 2009: The Wrap-up with Mitch Davis

If you've ever been to Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival, then you know that Mitch Davis is a legend. As Co-Director of both the festival and International Programming, he can usually be found howling into a microphone as he introduces his favorite films to the adoring audience.

Thirsty to Premiere at Rhode Island Int'l Film Fest

It's been a long time coming for those of us who have been following the progress of the short film called "Thirsty" since its inception, but we're pleased to announce that it will be having its world premiere this Friday, August 7th, at midnight, during the 13th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival. Way to go, guys!

Fantasia: Days 16 Through 18

The final weekend of Fantasia delivered in spades. The screenings divided audiences, prompted walkouts, and had viewers rolling in the aisles and salting their popcorn with tears of joy celebrating the rebirth of Coffin Joe.

Fantasia: Days 12 Through 15

More highlights from the Great White North's incredible film festival!

TIFF 09: Midnight Madness Lineup Announced

The 34th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF 09), which runs September 10 to 19, 2009, has announced its complete Midnight Madness lineup, and once again we're left to wonder why the hell we don't live in Canada. This year's Midnight Madness offerings include crazed animation, chick fights, zombies, vampires, a possessed cheerleader, exhilarating martial arts, and more!

Fantasia: Days 8 Through 11

Last Thursday we caught Adam Mason’s ambitious indie film Blood River (review here). While I don’t fully agree with Butane (who saw it at the Boston Underground Film Festival), it is one of the better horror-y things we’ve seen so far.

Gorezone Weekend of Horror Announces First Films

The UK's Gorezone Magazine is rolling out the names of the films they'll be screening during this autumn's Weekend of Horror a few at a time. Promising "14 Premieres in 2 Days", they've announced the first 6 with more to come soon.

Fantasia: Days 5 Through 7

The first full week of Fantasia kicked off with two highly anticipated Clive Barker adaptations, Book of Blood, directed by John Harrison, and Dread, directed by Anthony DiBlasi.

Fantasia: Days 3 and 4

The third day of Fantasia we woke up late, primed for a weekend full of incredible screenings. First up was the Tremors meets Eight Legged Freaks giant bug invasion flick Infestation.

Fantasia: Days 1 and 2

It’s been an insomnia inducing start to Fantasia’s thirteenth year. The opening night screenings had no noteworthy horror entries, so Paul and I spent the evening reconnecting with festival regulars, watched some non-genre movies, and plotted the next three weeks of cinematic mayhem.

New Stills: Dread and The Horde

Another round of stills from this year's Film 4 FrightFest that should entice both Clive Barker fans and you ever-so-hungry fans of the living dead!

New Stills: Giallo and Coffin Rock

New stills came our way today for two of the films playing this year's Film 4 FrightFest, and what good would we be if we didn't get them to you post haste?!?

Film 4 FrightFest Releases Schedule

The UK's most amazing horror film festival Film 4 FrightFest has released what could very well be one of the best horror line-ups we've seen ever for its latest show taking place August 27th - August 31st, brimming with films we've been salivating over Stateside!

Dance With Films! It's Safer Than With Wolves!

The Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles is one of the last few real "indie" fests you'll find these days. That means no big budgets, no name actors, just raw undiscovered talent.

After Dark Horrorfest IV in Theatres 2010

The After Dark Horrorfest has become a genre staple of sorts by releasing eight films to die for every year. True, they're not all winners but over the years some real gems have emerged from the mediocre, and there will be more to come.