Felissa Rose

Check Out the First Official Stills from Dead.tv

Principal photography has wrapped on the upcoming Dead.tv, and we have the first official stills from the feature film starring Danielle Harris, Eric Roberts and Felissa Rose.

Dig Some Stills From the Upcoming Film Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas

Indie superstars are uniting to form the cast of the upcoming holiday movie Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas. The film will premiere on June 30th in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Fright Night Film Festival.

It's Ladies Night in New Anthology Film 'Shy of Normal' and Documentary 'Screaming in High Heels'

"Hey, somebody get some light over here; Trash is taking off her clothes again." I remember those words like it was yesterday. And I should; I watched that scene of Linnea Quigley disrobing enough times to render my VHS copy of The Return of the Living Dead basically unwatchable. At least for that minute or so of the film. And it's with loving memories like this one that we celebrate our favorite scream queens in two new projects dropping this fall.

First Details of the 20-City Tour for The Perfect House

Prior to its worldwide Facebook launch on October 1st, horror anthology The Perfect House will go on a 20-city tour of the United States, which will start in Austin, Texas, and end in Buffalo, New York. In addition, the tour has its first sponsor: Hart D. Fisher's American Horrors.

The Perfect House to Be First New Film Launched on Facebook

Can it get any easier for kids today? (In best crusty old man voice) "Back in my day we actually had to go to the theater to see a movie…none of this VHS, DVD nonsense." And now, thanks to FlickLaunch, we don't even need to trouble ourselves with that VHS, DVD nonsense. Just sign on to Facebook. and you're able to check out the premiere of The Perfect House.

The Perfect House for a Horror Anthology

The good thing about horror anthologies is that if you get bored with one story, you only have to wait a few moments for the next one to begin! It's perfect viewing for audiences with A.D.D.! Hopefully the latest horror anthology The Perfect House will be nothing but good and you'll want to relish every spook-filled second!

Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009)

Reviewed by Heather Wixson Starring Jack Forcinito, Andy Hopper, Nadine Stenovitch, Lew Temple, Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose Directed by Sean Cain “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Silent Night, Zombie Night's December 19th Screening With Director and Stars

Beginning on December 19th, silent nights are going to have more than just killer Santas to contend with, as now Christmas will also be host to a zombie invasion. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, find out where to catch Silent Night, Zombie Night.

Deadly Little Christmas (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Felissa Rose, Monique La Barr, Leah Grimsson, Samuel Nathan Hoffmire, Anthony Campanello Directed by Novin Shakiba

Return to Sleepaway Camp (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Vincent Pastore, Jackie Tohn, Isaac Hayes, Paul DeAngelo, Jonathan Tiersten, Michael Gibney, Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten Directed by Robert Hiltzik Distributed by Magnet Pictures

Hitch a Trailer at Sleepaway Camp

Joey M. pointed us to YouTube where a trailer for the long awaited Return to Sleepaway Camp was housed. The film will hopefully arrive on October 14th thanks to Magnolia Pictures.

Magnolia Off to Sleepaway Camp?

I usually don’t give a hell about anything having to do with more Sleepaway Camp movies, but this was just too weird to ignore. Fangoria reported yesterday that Magnolia Pictures, the guys who put out The Signal, Shrooms and the original Pulse to name a few, has nabbed the release rights for Return to Sleepaway Camp.

Dead and Gone (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Robert Herrick, Felissa Rose, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Gillian Shure, Quentin Jones Directed by Yossi Sasson Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment