Ms. Monster Presents Die You Zombie Bastards! Live, Tonight, Free on The Monster Channel

As you surely know, the 100 Years of Monster Movies website officially transitioned into a 24/7 online channel of B-movie badness, classic horror/suspense TV shows, trailers, music videos and more.

Huge Sale at FearWerx! Flex those Horrorday Muscles!

It's hard to believe that the holidaze are only a few short weeks away! If you've got a horror fan on your list to shop for -- which we're guessing the odds are pretty good that you do or why else would you be here? -- then you need to head on over to our good friends at FearWerx.com where there are some insane sales going on now through the most expensive day of the year!

Fearwerx Unleashes a Zombie in Hartford

Guests planning on attending the upcoming Monster-Mania convention in Hartford this weekend should really head on over to the Fearwerx booth to dig on a zombie collectible that you don't wanna miss!

FearWerx Presents War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One

If your house is anything like ours, you're always on the looking for a cool looking new collectible to add to the collection. And if it's a zombie, then all the better! Today FearWerx announced a fellow you're sure to want to bring home: War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One.

Fearwerx New Graveyard Zombie B&W Variant

Loving your eight-inch MEGO-style Night of the Living Dead figures as much as we do? Well, wait until you see the new Black and White variant!

A Look at the NOTLD Mego Packaging

Ever since these collectibles were announced, I've been salivating over them like a rabid dog! Well, the time has come to get them into your hungry claws so get set to take a look at the nifty packaging!

Night of the Living Dead Megos Now Shipping!

You guys might recall that back in March we showed off one of the coolest products from the guys who run Evilshop, the Mego Night o

New Threads at the EvilShop!

Mother's Day is just a few days away; what have you gotten for the woman who exploded you into the world in a violent spray of blood and other assorted bits? Slacking, eh? Or perhaps she's "resting" in the basement?

Evilshop Exclusive: Night of the Living Dead Figures!

Those of you out there who are serious collectors likely know the name Mego. Back in the 1970’s, Mego were the first company to release 8” poseable action figures for characters from “Star Trek” and “Batman”.