Zombie Roadkill Festivities at Fantastic Fest 2010

And Austin's Fantastic Fest just got a bit more fantastic with the announcement of some "Zombie Roadkill" festivities that are sure to get the fans even more excited for the new FEARnet series' premiere on October 4th. Best of all? If you're attending the Fest, you won't have to wait for October!

Zombie Roadkill Trailer Debut

The first two episodes of FEARnet and Ghost House Pictures' upcoming new series Zombie Roadkill, starring Thomas Haden Church and David Dorfman, are premiering on October 4th, and today they released a new trailer for the series. Following the debut, one new episode of the six-episode series will be released daily through the 8th. The terrifyingly twisted new show will also play on the FEARnet On Demand VOD network with the first three episodes becoming available on October 14th and the final episodes becoming available October 21st.

Exclusive Zombie Roadkill Viral Video

It's not often that 911 operators receive reports of people being attacked by roadkill, but that's exactly what happens in this new viral video released by FEARnet and Ghost House Pictures for their upcoming new series, Zombie Roadkill starring Thomas Haden Church and David Dorfman.

Zombie Roadkill Premiere Date Confirmed and Another New Image

Another image for Ghost House Pictures and FEARnet's new series, Zombie Roadkill starring Thomas Haden Church and David Dorfman, has landed in our mailbox, and in addition to that we now know when you can see the show's premiere.

First Image From FEARnet's Zombie Roadkill

The first image for Ghost House Pictures and FEARnet's next original project, Zombie Roadkill, starring Thomas Haden Church (Spider-man 3, Sideways) and David Dorfman (The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), has made its way online, and as always we have a peek for ya!

FEARnet Launches Cable Channel in October

This October could very well be an historic time to be a horror fan. After slicing its way into the hearts of fans everywhere via its video on demand service, FEARnet is finally getting its own dedicated cable channel come this Halloween.

Shannen Doherty Talks Mari-Kari

Shannen Doherty was a huge part of this writer’s teenage years. Even though for most of America it was her work as Brenda Walsh on “90210” that made her a household name and an icon to legions of teenagers, for me it was always her performance as Heather Duke (or the Blue Heather for those who may not be as well-versed in the Heathers universe) in the 1988 cult flick Heathers that made her one of my favorite actresses working at that time.

Exclusive: Early Look at FEARnet's Animated Horror/Comedy Series, Mari-Kari

With the summer season fast approaching, most shows are lapsing into reruns until the fall, leaving audiences hungry for new and interesting content. And that's where the good people at FEARnet come into play, as they ready their new animated horror/comedy series, Mari-Kari. And we've got an early look today, just for you!

Garris, Mick (Post Mortem, Happy Town)

On February 10th one of horror’s most beloved storytellers, Mick Garris, is giving fans a unique experience with his new FEARnet series, <

Mick Garris Talks Post Mortem, Happy Town, and More

On February 10th one of horror’s most beloved storytellers, Mick Garris, is giving fans a unique experience with his new FEARnet series, Post Mortem with Mick Garris. Garris, a lifelong horror fan and industry veteran, will sit down with some of the genre’s biggest names to talk about their new projects as well as to discuss what they love about horror.

You're Invited to a Tea Party Macabre

As you may recall, this coming February is "Women in Horror Month", and FEARnet is kicking it off a few days early with the debut episode of its Tea Party Macabre video series. The premise is that they invited some of their favorite women of horror out to tea and let the cameras roll. Included is one of our favorite women in horror, Dread Central's own horrorchick, Heather Wixson.

Promo for Mick Garris' Post Mortem

A new promotional video for Mick Garris' new TV show for FEARnet has found its way online, and we've got the goods for you right here. Dig in, baby!

FEARnet Goes to Church for Zombie Roadkill

The next new morsel of FEARnet original programming has been announced, and this time the living dead will be on tap for a little mayhem and carnage.

Get Your Fear News With The Last Girl

Last Friday, November 13th, FEARnet launched its brand-new original topical horror news show Fear News With The Last Girl, which bring the top stories from the horror entertainment industry from a place you'd least expect them: inside a horror movie itself. Last week it was a slasher film, and Episode Two is set inside a ghost story.

UPDATE: Mick Garris to Perform Post Mortems for FEARnet

FEARnet is once again doing its very best to provide viewers and fans some really cool stuff to check out beyond its vast library of flicks and webisodic content.