FEARnet Confirms a Second Season of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

FEARnet has announced that it will air the second season of “Todd & the Book of Pure Evil” starting in March, 2012. "Todd" will continue to be part of FEARnet’s “Twisted Comedy” Block on Tuesday nights, only now it will be paired with the network's first original production, “Holliston.”

FEARnet Presents Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules; Announces New Acquisitions and Programing Initiatives

Are you all caught up on the very cool Trick 'r Treat shorts FEARnet has been putting out over the past several months? In honor of the Halloween holiday and the all-day Trick 'r Treat marathon they'll be running on the 31st, the network has released four more new videos entitled Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules. In addition they've made a huge announcement about FEARnet's slate of Halloween and year-round programing initiatives that are sure to satisfy horror fans' thirst for genre content through 2012.

Killer Vampire Film Midnight Son Hits FEARnet in January 2012

The unique vampire thriller Midnight Son will make its debut on FEARnet early in 2012. With both television and VOD capabilities, the FEARnet launch is an excellent opportunity for the filmmakers to get their picture out to the masses. Midnight Son is a totally original new look at the vampire genre. Read on for the deets.

FEARnet and Trick 'r Treat's Sam Make Friends

Tis the season! Who's up for a fourth video in FEARnet's Trick 'r Treat themed series featuring everyone's favorite Halloween demon, Sam? Yeah we didn't think you'd need much enticing! Dig it!

Seth Green Lends Adam Green a Hand with FEARnet's Holliston

As further proof that you just can't have too much Green, actor Seth tweeted some news today about shooting a scene in director Adam's new series for FEARnet, "Holliston", in which the latter also stars with Joe Lynch, Dee Snider, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, and Oderus Urungus. Seth shared a photo of himself and Adam from the set and provided a great caption for it, too. Not to be outdone, Lynch also posted a photo of himself with the Greens on his Twitter feed.

FEARnet and Trick 'r Treat's Sam Go Back to School!

Need another reason to LOVE FEARnet? How about a third video in their Trick 'r Treat themed series featuring everyone's favorite Halloween demon, Sam, ushering the kiddies back to school? Yep, that should do the trick! Dig it!

Two Big Announcements from Mile High Horror Film Festival

The Mile High Horror Film Festival, running October 7-9 in (where else) Denver, Colorado, has dropped some information on us concerning their upcoming event. We have in our hot little hands the names of the first feature film and short announced to be part of the festival. Interested? Read on, Broncoville.

Exclusive Clip from Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Episode 6

To help kick off your Labor Day weekend a little early, FEARnet has provided Dread Central with an exclusive clip from one of its Twisted Comedies, "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil". Today we have for you a look at Episode 6, entitled "Invasion of the Stupid Snatchers", which airs Tuesday, September 6th, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Casting News for FEARnet's Holliston Borrows from the Music Industry

FEARnet, cable television’s premier horror, thriller and suspense channel, announced today it has added Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, Strangeland, radio/television personality) and Oderus Urungus (lead singer from legendary heavy metal band GWAR) to the cast of its first original production, "Holliston".

The Mile High Horror Film Festival Partners With FEARnet

If you're in Denver during the weekend of October 7th-9th, that trouble breathing you're having might not be from just the high altitude and lack of oxygen. It might be from the sheer terror generated by the Mile High Horror Film Festival, which recently announced a big time partnership with FEARnet.

Exclusive Preview of Mick Garris' Post Mortem with Rob Zombie

It's time for another edition of FEARnet's "Post Mortem" web series hosted by Mick Garris, and we have a sneak peek at Garris' upcoming interview with Rob Zombie, in which the musician/filmmaker makes a pretty frank statement about his different experiences with critics and making films.

Previews of the Tuesday, August 16th, Episodes of FEARnet's Psychoville and Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

If you're not watching FEARnet's Tuesday night lineup of the Twisted Comedies "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" and "Psychoville", then you're missing out. Here are sneak peeks of this week's episodes (number 3 for each in case you're counting) airing at 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM (ET), respectively.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch Head to Holliston for FEARnet

Having been very well acquainted with horror TV and how much work goes into making a channel devoted to bringing fans some good old fashioned fear, it does our hearts good to see FEARnet continue to kick ass! Big news coming out of their camp today ...

Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Twisted Comedy Psychoville

To help kick off the weekend, the folks at FEARnet have provided us with an exclusive clip from Episode 2 of their horror comedy series "Psychoville", which airs this coming Tuesday, August 9th, to share with our readers. Dig it!