Fear Fest 3

New Fear Fest Art!

Just a few more days until the next Fear Fest goes down at the Arlington Convention Center in Texas, did you get your tickets for it yet? If you say “no” allow me to say "what the hell!?" This show’s going to kick a lot of ass, it being our first of hopefully many pairings with the good folks behind Wizard World, so you really shouldn’t think of missing it.

Fear Fest Teams With Wizard World; New Guests Announced!

I’m sure there were a lot of you out there who were pretty disappointed when we announced the postponement of Fear Fest 3, which was set to go down next weekend in Dallas. Believe me, no one was more upset by it than we were, but that cloud certainly had a very silver lining, indeed; namely, Fear Fest 3 will now be a part of Wizard World Texas!

Fear Fest 3 Rescheduled

Pit of Horror and Dread Central regretfully announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances Fear Fest 3 is being rescheduled to February 20th-22nd, 2009. Thank you to everyone who was planning to attend and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will update everyone on the NEW and IMPROVED guest list as it solidifies.

First Word on Fear Fest 3!

Finally we can start talking about Fear Fest 3, once again presented by Pit of Horror and Dread Central! Though the second show was only a month ago, it seems like it’s been forever since we mentioned it on the site. Strange how such a short time can feel so long. I bet it’s the drugs...