Father's Day

Dr. Gash and Ms. Vampy's Top 4 Tips for a Frightfully Fantastic Father's Day

Brooke Lewis, aka Ms. Vampy, and yours truly, Dr. Gash, have once again collaborated on a cacophony of cryptic clues to help you ring in Father's Day this Sunday, June 15th, in the best possible way. Read on to get the scoop.

Celebrate Father's Day with Horror's Best and Worst Dads

Father's Day: the hallowed holiday where we celebrate dads everywhere, even the shining examples of fatherhood that see fit to terrorize their offspring as if they were the enemy. Wait! Those aren't the dads we want to celebrate! They're part of the problem!

Filmmakers Astron 6 to Attend Screening of Their Film Father's Day to Celebrate Father's Day

The newest offering from Lloyd Kaufman's Troma Entertainment, Father's Day, created by filmmaking team Astron 6, will be screening in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on June 15 at the Metro Cinema.

Troma's Father's Day Getting HUGE Blu-ray Release

Never let it be said that the fine folks over at Troma don't know how to do things in style. In fact, they have a home video release for Father's Day on tap that fans will probably be willing to die for. Check it out!

Father's Day (2012)

Written and directed by Astron-6 Starring Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Amy Groening, Garrett Hnatiuk, Lloyd Kaufman

First Theatres Announced for Troma's Father's Day

Talk about kicking off the new year with some good news. The first cinemas showing Troma's Father's Day have been announced for its limited theatrical run. Troma flicks on the big screen? Maybe those friggin' Mayans were right ... it is the end of the world!

Winners of the 2011 Toronto After Dark Film Awards; 2012 Fest Dates Announced!

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival ran this past October 20-27, 2011, and what with the Halloween holiday and all the AFM news we've been pumping out, the results of the fest got a little bit lost in the shuffle. But we're remedying that right now with the rundown on who took home what from the 6th annual festival of new horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies.

Troma Goes Theatrical with Father's Day

Yes, you read that correctly. Come Friday, January 13th, 2012, Troma's latest masterpiece, Father's Day, will be headed to theatres. Of course the good folks over at the house that Toxie built didn't specify how many theatres or where yet, but we'll keep listening!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival: First Films Announced

The first several films to be playing at this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival have been announced, and we have the skinny for you on what to expect from one of Canada's scariest shows!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: New Father's Day One-Sheet

Despite the event being over, the Comic-Con news keeps on coming. This time in the vein of a new one-sheet for Troma's upcoming release of Astron-6's Father's Day. Father's Day was written and directed by Astron-6 and stars Adam Brooks, Mackenzie Murdock, Matt Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Amy Groening, Meredith Sweeney, Garrett Hnatiuk, and Ross McMillan.

New Father's Day Music Video "Never Bin Born At All"

With Father's Day just a week away, of course Troma and Astron-6 have released a new teaser of the music video from singer/songwriter Dan Bern for the song "Never Bin Born At All" from the film Father's Day, which opens June 19th.

Troma Celebrates Dad with a New Father's Day Trailer

Mother has had her day for far too long so Troma has unleashed yet another trailer for its upcoming splatter epic Father's Day. Get ready for another taste of the carnage to come.

More Badass Father's Day Artwork

Man, the Troma team is working overtime getting out the goods on their latest flick, Father's Day, as yet another truly awesome teaser one-sheet has hit this crazy little thing we call the interwebs!

Troma Unveils New Toxic Avenger 5 and Father's Day Sales Art

With Cannes speeding at us like a freight train filled with goodies, super genius Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma team have unveiled some kick ass new sales art for both Father's Day and the big daddy of them all, The Toxic Avenger 5: Toxic Twins. Dig it!

Troma Getting Set for Father's Day

It's been a while since last we brought you anything on the new Troma flick Father's Day, but that's about to be rectified. How does some artwork, the first still, and a teaser trailer sound to ya?