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Sera Gamble Discusses the Secret Dean Is Keeping from Sam in Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

There's no doubt that the showrunners of The CW's most popular genre shows cater to their audiences more than just about anyone else. Case in point: another preview video from an executive producer of one of this week's episodes just landed online. Watch as Sera Gamble gives us a sneak peek at the secret Dean is keeping from Sam in "Supernatural" Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life".

A Clip and Some Stills from Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Poor Dean Winchester can't catch a break. Apparently saving the planet from destruction just isn't good enough as this week on "Supernatural" he finds himself on trial for his past mistakes. The CW provided us with an image gallery and a new clip from the episode, entitled "Defending Your Life"; think they'll shed any light on his ultimate verdict?

Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.04 - Defending Your Life

Alona Tal returns to "Supernatural" this week as Dean is forced to confront his past mistakes in Episode 7.04, "Defending Your Life". In a true "Supernatural" type twist, it's not a Judeo-Christian deity who's behind it all but rather the Egyptian god Osiris. Check out a preview of the ep!

A Familiar Face Returns for Episode 4 of Supernatural Season 7 - Defending Your Life

We weren't huge fans of the character of Jo on "Supernatural", but we do like Alona Tal, the actress who portrayed her, so it's good news that she'll be returning for the fourth episode of this season, entitled "Defending Your Life". The ep's synopsis follows.