Exit 33

Exit 33 (2011)

Starring Kane Hodder, Antoinette Nikprelaj, Jerry Reid, Maria Hildreth, Paul Elia and Virginia Bryant Directed by Tommy Brunswick

Kane Hodder Makes a Killing at Exit 33 in August

Fans of Kane Hodder's special brand of slasher mayhem need listen up! The man's next film, Exit 33, is quickly coming upon its home video release date via Breaking Glass Pictures, and we have all the details you need right here!

Kane Hodder Waiting For Us Tonight at Exit 33 in Michigan

Here at Dread Central we love us some Kane Hodder. Especially when he's busy doing what he loves and does best -- scaring the shit out of us! Good news if you're in the Novi, Michigan area: His new flick Exit 33 is premiering there ... TONIGHT! Read on for a trailer and more info!