Exclusive: Zak Bagans Talks Return to Winchester House and Incredible Evidence Collected; New Season Premiere Date

This Saturday night, July 23rd, the “Ghost Adventures” crew head back to the site of one of their most infamous experiments/investigations – The Winchester Mystery House. To say they have unfinished business there is an understatement.

For those who don’t remember… Back in Episode 4 of Season 5, the crew set up at the Winchester House, EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino (who are, sadly, no longer with us) set up shop at The Old Washoe Club, and the Tri-State Paranormal Society of Northern Kentucky set up at Bobby Mackey's Music World. Their mission: to create the first-ever manmade portal with the help of paranormal scientist Joshua Warren. Three locations… demonic activity… and one long distance investigation made for a very disturbing lockdown. One that had to be cut short due to the nature of some unexpected negativity.

You can watch the video recap below.

Winchester House Ghost Adventures

Their aforementioned return to The Winchester Mystery House episode airs this Saturday on Travel Channel, and we caught up with Zak to find out what to expect.

In the ten years that we’ve been filming, The Winchester Mystery House is the only location that we left without finishing our lockdown. We literally walked out because of something bad happening. This upcoming episode redefines the term ‘unfinished business’ for us. During that first investigation…,” Zak paused for thought, choosing his words carefully and with an obviously heavy heart, “something happened to me at the precise moment that my grandmother died. She was three time zones away, but that didn’t matter. I believe that I felt something at that moment she passed… some bit of her mortality slipping away. It was a deeply personal experience for me that I’d rather not go into the details of, but this was something truly frightening to me that I felt inside. This all happened during our countrywide experiment, which I feel in retrospect may have been really dangerous.

Bagans continued, “For me going back to this location… it hit upon some really personal notes for me. It brought back that moment… that feeling of my grandmother passing… thoughts about the Constantinos’ involvement… and some really dark feelings which consumed Aaron the first time we were there. Aaron had a really bad reaction to what had taken place during that experiment. He broke down emotionally for a very long time as the result of it. We all felt something very dark come out of that experiment that I don’t think was present at The Winchester Mystery House to begin with.

A past “Ghost Adventures” team member present at the time of the initial investigation is no longer part of the team, so with this return to the location, Bagans brings with him an altogether new vibe and, I dare say, a better and more complex type of synergy.

Winchester House Ghost Adventures

We return to the Winchester House now with a new crew and a new vibe. Our chemistry is incredible together. I feel that together we can accomplish anything. For instance in this return episode we captured what can be considered the holy grail of paranormal evidence. During our interviews we captured an apparition, and no matter what we did, we could not debunk it. We tried. There was NOBODY from my crew there. At the moment of capture we were all far behind that particular point. On the cameras we witnessed a man walking in the distance, a figure. One of The Winchester Mystery House staff identified that figure as the wheelbarrow man… an apparition they themselves had seen before in the basement. This is an incredibly cool capture,” says a very excited Bagans. “When you see it, you have to say to yourself, ‘That’s gotta be a human.’ Again, though, there was nobody over in that area. We tried to see if it was any of their staff at the house, and it wasn’t. They couldn’t debunk it, and neither could we. It’s really awesome. As soon as we saw the footage, we immediately showed it to a guy who worked there, and he identified it as the same exact figure he saw… the wheelbarrow man.

Zak wasn’t done there, however… “On top of that… it was the coolest thing EVER… we captured what can only be described as a ghost hand. It’s so cool! We captured a hand coming out of an area that is said to be a known portal in the house. Basically this hand manifested out of a mirror that is at the famed staircase to nowhere. I mean, it looks as if something was just waving at is. It’s so awesome. So bad-ass.

If you’re in the San Jose area this Saturday, The Winchester Mystery House will be home to a screening event for the episode. Season 12 of “Ghost Adventures” continues this Saturday. But what of the new season?

Zak gave us permission to share that premiere date exclusively with you! Look for “Ghost Adventures” Season 13 to officially begin on September 24th.

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