The Evil Within

Jackie Earle Haley and Jennifer Carpenter Scream for New The Evil Within Video

The next game from survival horror legend Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks, has casted up its voice actors, including Jackie Earle Haley and Jennifer Carpenter, to bring the experience to life! We have the lowdown plus a brand new video for you to dig on here!

The Length of The Evil Within Revealed

As the release date for survival horror legend Shinji Mikami’s next game, The Evil Within, draws nearer, fans have been anxiously inquiring as to its length. Well, we have the skinny for you right here as always!

Gamescom: Bethesda Announces Season Pass for The Evil Within

The biggest horror release of the year got even more frightening today, as Bethesda Softworks announced the season pass for The Evil Within, which includes three add-ons that are planned for the game.

Make a Date With Mine Games

A DVD release date of September 16th has been set for director Richard Gray's Mine Games, which was originally titled Mine Games before it was retitled The Evil Within, via Phase 4 Films. Confusing enough?

Fans Vote for Inside Wrap/Cover of The Evil Within

A face locked in a torrid scream, eyes piercing with fright. The whole thing wrapped in barbed wire. Everyone can agree on one thing: The cover art for the upcoming survival horror game The Evil Within is pretty awesome.

The Evil Within to Be Censored in Japan

Survival horror master Shinji Mikami’s upcoming game The Evil Within will be censored in Japan. This was done in an effort to lessen the game’s CERO Z (18 and up) rating to a CERO D (17 and up) rating to ultimately improve sales and marketing.

E3 2014: Developers Bring New The Evil Within Footage

I scheduled my entire day around the last 10 minutes. There’s a lot going on at E3, but what I most wanted to see was the new gameplay video for the upcoming survival horror title The Evil Within.

The Evil Within Goes Back to Playing Mine Games

So Mine Games was originally titled Mine Games before it was retitled The Evil Within, but now it's back to Mine Games. Ya follow? Good. That being said... here's the artwork for the newly retitled to the old title Mine Games.

Titan Releasing a Four-Issue Prequel Comic for The Evil Within Video Game

Later this summer Titan Comics will release an official four-part mini-series for The Evil Within video game, set before the events of the game, and we have the details and Issue #1 cover art for you right here.

Briana Evigan Talks to Dread Central about The Evil Within

The evil within wants out in this indie “cabin in the woods + teenagers camping = body count” horror thriller from Phase 4 films (available May 6th On Demand and on DVD May 27th).

New Evil Within Video Meets With Protest

We here at Dread Central love a good controversy. Especially when it comes to pinheads who point their fingers at horror movie and video game violence for the heinous crimes committed by assholes who blame this and that for their own stupidity instead of owning up to their deeds.

The Evil Within Comes Out in First Trailer

The sexy stars of two recent horror remakes team up to beat off an evil force in the upcoming cabin in the woods flick The Evil Within (formerly titled Mine Games), and we've got a gallery of stills and the first trailer for ya today. So dig in, fiends!

E3 2013: Survival Horror Resurrected for The Evil Within

It's like a Christmas gift has come early. Yep, that's exactly how we feel about this latest video detailing the horrors to come when The Evil Within begins haunting next-gen systems. Take a look and drool! Just friggin' drool!

New Screenshots Arrive For The Evil Within

The Evil Within will release for consoles and PC in 2014 and will deliver horrifying anxiety thanks to the father of survival horror, Shinji Mikami. New screenshots will give fans a glimpse into a world blended with pure horror and action. Read on to learn more.

Resident Evil Creator Bringing The Horror With The Evil Within

Bethesda Softworks has revealed that the father of survival horror, Shinji Mikami, known for his work on the Resident Evil series is at it again! Coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2014, The Evil Within will bring a whole new survival horror experience to gamers everywhere.