Evil Dead

Federico Alvarez Talks Evil Dead Remake; Bruce Campbell Cameo Confirmed

A week or so ago we broke the biggest story of the year, one that let you guys know that the long gestating remake of Evil Dead was indeed a go. The next day a director was announced ... Federico Alvarez. Recently the filmmaker spoke a bit about the project.

Official - New Evil Dead Flick on Its Way; Diablo Cody Doing Revisions on the Script

When we broke the story about a new Evil Dead flick coming on strong, it was risky. At that time it was unconfirmed, and if we were wrong, there would have been a lot of egg on our faces. Well, we took that chance, and we're happy to say that not only were we right, but you read it here first! Now then ... on to the official word!

More Evil Dead News! Director Named!

We told you yesterday about the breaking news that a new entry in the Evil Dead franchise is imminent and that original director Sam Raimi is involved. Well, that cat is officially out of the bag!

UPDATED: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: New Evil Dead Film Actually Gearing Up for Production!

When it comes to anything regarding the next Evil Dead flick, there's been so much said that we never know just what is or is not concrete anymore. However, an interesting and solid little tidbit has fallen right into our laps.

Groovy New Look at NECA's Evil Dead 2 Ash

Before gazing in awe at the wondrous image contained within, we hereby plead with you to go get a box of tissues. Between the drooling and lord knows what else you'll be doing in about five seconds, you need to be prepared. Things can and will get sticky!

NECA Teases Evil Dead 2's Ash

Oh, NECA. How we love thee. You consistently dole out the most life-like horror collectibles we've ever seen. Yeah, there have been a few stinkers along the way but for the most part you're usually spot-on in terms of likenesses. Speaking of which ...

NECA Nabs Rights for Evil Dead License

Remember years ago McFarlane put out an Evil Dead Ash figure that would fall instantly apart the second you took it out of the package? We do too. Honestly? We're still pretty furious about it. To say it was shoddy work is a bit of an understatement. Well how about good reason to erase that news?

Build Your Own Evil Dead House

Ever wanted to have your very own cabin in the woods? Not a nice one, mind you, but one that's stained with the gallons of blood shed by the many victims of evil Candarian demons? Yeah, us too. While we may not have the resources to build one to scale (much less the tools to summon forth the demons), we can however show you how to build your very own model replica.

An Evil Dead Update From the Man Himself - Bruce Campbell

Besides the question "Why?" regarding Platinum Dunes, one of the most frequent questions we get here at DC is "What's up with Evil Dead?" Well, for once we have news, and it's from the man himself, Bruce Campbell.

The Evil Dead to Bring Gore and Carnage to iPhones and iPads

Sam Raimi's classic The Evil Dead has appeared on numerous video game consoles over the years with mixed results to say the very least. Still, someone is bound to get an interactive version of this lovable cult gore-fest right. Could this be it?

NSFW: Dread Central Presents: Horror's Most Inappropriate Sex Scenes

There is something in the air. Can you smell the sweet scent of lust? Be careful where you step, kids; things are bound to get extremely messy as we present to you some of our favorite and most inappropriate sex scenes that the horror genre has doled out over the years! Be warned right now ...

Evil Dead Remake Alive and Twitching?

It's been nearly a decade since Sam Raimi announced that he was interested in remaking his classic flick The Evil Dead. Years have passed. Hopes have been dashed. There's been a ton of non-news, but now something a bit more concrete has come to life.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win an Anchor Bay Blu-Ray Prize Pack - Hatchet and The Evil Dead

Anchor Bay is dropping two of their most highly anticipated Blu-Ray releases over the next couple of weeks and we've got a chance for a couple of lucky winners to get their claws into both on us!