Event Report

Event Report: Monster-Mania 10!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Monster-Mania is one of the best run convention series in the world. I feel that since I cover around 8 conventions a year, I’m qualified to say this! At every show I like to talk to vendors and celebs alike to see who is doing well and what their experiences are like. It’s the suit in me.

Event Report: Salute to Supernatural - LA, 2008

Numerous sci-fi TV shows have been given their own conventions, but the same can't be said for their horror cousins.

Fear Fest Follies

Things started off badly. Flights were canceled. Dallas was snowed in. There was so much more to do and no way to get it done. Sometimes it feels as if every force in the universe is aligned against you. But there's a job to get done. Thousands of fans were lining up for a fun weekend, and by hook or by crook they were going to get it. Besides, we had some serious partying to do, and nothing was going to get in the way of that!

Doomsday Invades Hollywood!

Our world is coming to an end. The signs are all there; gas prices are on the rise, Rosemary's Baby is being remade and so on. Just how long will it take before we reach ... Doomsday? If you were in Hollywood this week then you probably saw it happening.

Event Report: Rock and Shock 2007!

Event Report: Eyegore Awards / Halloween Horror Nights

Ah yes! Universal Studios! How well we get to know each other every year once October comes! Where else can you have the shit scared out of you by your favorite horror icons?

Event Report: Eerie Horror Film Festival 2007

As the doors closed at the Erie Playhouse late Sunday night, it marked the end of the Eerie Horror Film Festival’s fourth and most successful year to date. Groups of friends, old and new, gathered in huddles exchanging emotional goodbyes and promises of next year’s event. For those of us who were involved in the inner workings of the fest, the locking of the doors behind us was bittersweet.

Dread Comes to Universal

Friday, October 13th. It’s the premiere night of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, CA and Dread Central has been invited to take part in the opening gala event. Trudging through the rain, I meet up with screenwriting pal David Rosiak and his girlfriend Diana, and we’re quickly led into a large press auditorium.

Event Report: Necon 26

For the past 26 years, right under our collective noses, a host of famous horror/fantasy authors have been convening at a secluded college in the tiny state of Rhode Island to swap stories, meet fans, and partake in what I’m sure for most is a long-overdue weekend of reckless abandon. The event is called Necon (short for Northeastern Writers’ Conference), and if you’ve never heard of it… well, I’m not surprised. (FYI: Click on each pic to see it full size.)