CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Copy of Bounty Killer on DVD!

The grindhouse-style Bounty Killer is heading to home video on October 29th, and we have your chance to score a DVD signed by the cast right here... right now. Good luck!

Screamy First Look at Animal

With Halloween right around the corner, this week's Entertainment Weekly is surprisingly light on horror; however, they did score a first look at Chiller's next film Animal, and as per usual we have it for you right here! Dig it!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Bounty Killer on DVD!

The grindhouse-style flick Bounty Killer hit theaters on September 6 and lands on DVD in October. But if you have a mobile device, we've got a way for you to win yourself a free copy!

Exclusive: Director Henry Saine Talks Bounty Killer and More

While not necessarily horror, the post-apocalyptic action flick Bounty Killer immediately piqued our interests due to its co-writer and director, up-and-coming filmmaker Henry Saine (The Last Lovecraft).

First Trailer, Stills, and Artwork for Bounty Killer

Ah, the wasteland. So much chaos. So much bloodshed. If only we could vacation there to let out all the pent-up aggression we keep inside. Tread lightly once you're there, though, lest you become another victim of the Bounty Killer.

Eve Creator Talks Hack/Slash Similarities

Since the news about Eve broke a few days ago, the Internet genre sites have been rife with talk about its similarity to another project that is in the works called Hack/Slash. Eve creator Brian Metcalf has spoken out about the situation.

Eve is Such a Tease!

And the similarities between Hack/Slash and Eve keep on rolling. Sort of like how we got Volcano and Dante's Peak, Armageddon and Deep Impact, anything that made money and any film from the Asylum.

Eve Ready to Hack and Slash

While we all sit idly by waiting for Relativity/Rogue Pictures to get off of their asses and turn the live action adaptation of Tim Seeley's comic Hack/Slash into a reality, Ratio Pictures is ready to serve us up a healthy serving of a similar character to the fearless Cassie Hack.