Evan Kelly

New One-Sheet and Trailer: IFC Midnight's The Corridor

A brand new trailer and sort of new poster have made their way online in support of Evan Kelly's Canadian horror flick The Corridor. Check it out, and look for the flick on March 30th via IFC Midnight.

IFC Travels Down The Corridor

Good news for those of you out there looking forward to Evan Kelly's Canadian horror flick The Corridor... IFC Films has nabbed the distro rights so you'll be digging on this spacey little creepfest before ya know it!

Corridor, The (2011)

Starring Matthew Amyotte, Nigel Bennett, and Stephen Chambers Written by Josh MacDonald Directed by Evan Kelly

Insanity Lives Beyond The Corridor

There's no greater pain than the loss of a loved one. Though sometimes, speaking as a guy, getting into a car too fast and accidentally sitting on your own nuts is a close second sting-wise. In any event, yet another tale of a getaway gone awry has come our way, and we've got artwork, a trailer, and more.