Eva Green

Get Another Sneak Peek of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters

Showtime is rewarding fans of "Penny Dreadful" with an extra sneak peek of Sunday night's Episode 1.05, "Closer Than Sisters," in which Vanessa (Eva Green) recalls the events that lead to Mina's disappearance. Check it out here along with the ep's preview and two previously released clips.

Eva Green Talks About the Sin City Side-Boob Massacre

We told you a few days ago that the MPAA was disturbed by the dark circular, barely visible appearance of Eva Green's nipple as well as her side-boob on the latest poster for Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. Today we have the approved artwork as well as comments from Green herself.

Showtime Greenlights a Second Season for Penny Dreadful

If you're as big a fan of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" as we are, this news should make your day: The network has picked up a second season of the critically acclaimed series. Read on for more details!

Go Behind the Scenes of Penny Dreadful for a Look at its Monsters' Make-up and Prosthetics

Personally, all I needed to know to make sure "Penny Dreadful" is set on my DVR is that it stars the red-hot Eva Green, but it also has monsters - lots and lots of monsters, and this new video shows us how they came into being.

Check Out Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Storyboard Art

The artwork of Frank Miller is always a sight to behold, and if you're a Sin City fan, then this is a story you're not gonna want to miss out on! Right now you have a chance to dig on Miller's storyboards for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For via Yahoo! Movies. Read on!

New Images, Clips, and Preview of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters

Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" is moving right along, and on tap today we have new stills, a pair of clips, and a preview of Episode 1.05, "Closer Than Sisters," which takes a look at happier times for a few of our protagonists.

MPAA Put Kibosh on New Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Character Poster

Nipples. We all have them. We all know what they look like. We'll never understand why these two little portions of our anatomy can cause such an uproar. Apparently this new Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster featuring some harmless side-boob from Eva Green was too much for the MPAA.

Get the First Good Look at Penny Dreadful's Creature

Earlier today we provided a sneak peek of "Penny Dreadful" Episode 1.04, "Demimonde," in which The Creature (Frankenstein’s first born) makes an appearance. But you don't have to wait until Sunday night for a better look...

New Images, Clips, and More from Penny Dreadful Episode 1.04 - Demimonde

Are you enjoying "Penny Dreadful's" mix of new and familiar characters? If you'd like a look at what's ahead in Episode 1.04, "Demimonde," then you've come to the right place because we have stills, clips, a preview, and a sneak peek of "A Legend Reborn"!

Forces Beyond Our World Provided this Sneak Peek of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.03 - Resurrection

A few stills, a pair of clips, and a preview have all arrived in anticipation of the "Resurrection" promised in Episode 1.03 of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful." We haven't gotten much feedback from anyone about the show - if you're watching, let us know what you think!

Visit Frankenstein's Lab in this Behind-the-Scenes Look at Penny Dreadful Episode 1.01 - Night Work

Have you fallen under the spell of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful"? Ready for a closer look at Frankenstein's Lab? Then dig into this peek "behind" Episode 1.01, "Night Work," in which the production team breaks down bringing the iconic laboratory to life.

It's a Penny Dreadful Video Blowout! Go Inside, Look Ahead, and See Scenes from Episode 1.02 - Seance

There was a lot to choose from on TV last night. Did Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" get your attention? If so, here's a look ahead to Episode 1.02, "Seance," and lots more!

We All Want this New Penny Dreadful Promo

Is it a divine gift or a dreadful curse to be "different"? And in the end, don't we all want the same things? This new promo teaser for Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" asks those questions and more... Will you be tuning in to see the answers?

Take a Peek Inside Penny Dreadful's Interactive Windows

Looking for another reason to check out Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" this weekend? If you haven't watched the first episode yet, here's a pretty cool incentive: a look at Victorian London through innovative window displays in New York and Los Angeles!

New Penny Dreadful Video Blog Explores The Science of Medicine

So, did you take advantage of the early look at Episode 1.01 of "Penny Dreadful," entitled "Night Work," we provided a few days ago, or are you waiting for the premiere this weekend? Either way, here's a new video blog examining "The Science of Medicine."