Eva Amurri

Isolation Promotional Trailer Surfaces

The trailer for the new absent-minded horror flick, Isolation, has just started circulating around the interwebs so of course we nailed it down for you and have it right here! Dig it!

First Tiny Bit of Sales Art - Isolation

Well, we guess a tiny teaser is better than no teaser at all, and that's exactly what we've gotten in terms of the new absent-minded horror flick, Isolation. Dig it!

Animals (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Marc Blucas, Nicki Aycox, Naveen Andrews, Eva Amurri, Andy Comeau Directed by Arnold Cassius Distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group

Animals Comes Home to DVD

Arnold Cassius' feature film adaptation of Craig Spector and John Skipp's landmark 1993 lycanthrope novel Animals is getting set to make its DVD debut on June 15th from Maverick Entertainment, and we've got a look at the artwork for you.

Eva Amurri Goes into Isolation

Hospitals, man. Who doesn't hate them? They're like a beacon of misery always reminding you that sooner or later you're going to end up in one for one reason or another. As the new thriller Isolation is going to try and prove -- they can also be very scary!