Escape From New York

First Details: Escape From New York Remake Hits the Fast Track

Just when you thought it was safe to lay your fears of an Escape From New York remake aside, the project has been fast-tracked and is back with a vengeance.

Brolin Set to Escape From New York?

Strangely enough, I could see Josh Brolin doing well as Snake Plissken. I mean, in a world where we just have to accept that yes, they are remaking Escape From New York, Brolin’s certainly not the worst choice to don the eyepatch.

Blu Carpenter for the UK

We can only hope someone Stateside will pick up on this idea sooner rather than later ... DVD Active learned today that Optimum Releasing is putting out Blu-Ray versions of John Carpenter’s The Fog, They Live and Escape From New York in the UK.

Butler Out of New York, Too

When it was announced, informally, that Brett Ratner wouldn’t be helming the Escape From New York remake ("Ranter Won’t Escape New York" – October 2007), I was all smiles from ear to ear.

Ratner to Escape?

All right, I was thoroughly annoyed enough by this rumor being posted all over the place that I had but two choices; ignore it or post it myself. For the benefit of you, dear reader, I chose the latter.

Gears & Escape Director Named?

I really don’t know how I feel about this. You never know with some directors these days, but can Len Wiseman refrain from making another Underworld?

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