Escape From New York

Kurt Russell Offers Opinion on Escape from New York Remake

There's been talk of an Escape from New York remake for years, and the project is now languishing in development hell. Something tells us it won't be there for very long. In any event, Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell, offered up his take on the possible remake and more to IGN!

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The title "Master of Horror" is thrown around quite a bit. Often it’s warranted but sometimes not so much. In the case of filmmaker John Carpenter, however, you cannot heap enough accolades upon him.

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Escape From New York - Tom Hardy and Jason Statham Duking it Out to Play Snake

Like it or not, a remake of Escape from New York is very much headed our way so rather than bitch and complain, let's start talking turkey... or should we say Snake? Hollywood has two actors vying for the part. Read on for details.

Joel Silver and Studio Canal to Escape From New York

Hey! We bet you thought all that business about a remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York was over and done with! We're talking about Hollywood, man! Nothing ever stays dead.

Rest in Peace: Ernest Borgnine

Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine is one of those actors whom you have seen a million times in a million different films. He was the quintessential character actor, and we can honestly say we'll never have another like him. Playful, smart, and unforgettable, the man has passed on at age 95.

New Line Won't Escape From New York

Awwwww man, and it sounded SO good, too! So it appears that the ill-advised Escape From New York remake has hit yet another snag on the road to development. I know this doesn't mean it won't happen, but I'll gladly postpone the inevitably unnecessary reinvention of Snake for as long as humanly possible.

Jeremy Renner Will NOT be Making His Escape From New York

And the hunt for Snake Plissken continues, at least as far as finding an actor to portray the much beloved character in Breck Eisner's remake goes. That's right, kids, apparently we're not as close to finding someone who'll don the patch as we thought.

Jeremy Renner in Talks to Play Snake Plissken in Escape from New York Redux

Ever since director Breck Eisner's remake of Escape from New York was mentioned, the one question instantly on everyone's mind was who in the world could possibly fill Kurt Russell's shoes as the new Snake Plissken?

Timothy Olyphant in the Running for Snake Plissken?

Director Breck Eisner had a lot to say about his upcoming remake of Escape from New York, but today he revealed another bit of goodness in terms of who will play Snake.

Exclusive: Breck Eisner on The Brood, Escape from New York, and Blood of the Innocent

Just a little while ago we had the chance to sit down with director Breck Eisner to discuss next week's DVD and Blu-ray release of The Crazies, and during all our crazy talk we also waxed on about some of his upcoming projects (i.e., The Brood, Blood of the Innocent, and of course his upcoming Escape from New York remake!)

Escape from New York Redux Finds a Crazy Director?

Finally a bit more news has surfaced as to the fate of the long talked about remake of Escape from New York. The folks behind the flick may just have found their director, but we thought he'd be taller. Betcha he gets that a lot.

Producer Neal Moritz Talks Escape from New York, Preacher, and Man-Witch

Sometimes movies we're really looking forward to end up being tied up for what feels like forever. Three projects that have been floating around for a while now coming from producer Neal Moritz - the Escape from New York remake, the comic adaptation Preacher, and the horror comedy Man-Witch - are perfect examples of the unfortunate agonizing waits that we as fans must endure.